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i had a vision or dream. not sure which, that Jesus came back to earth and was on a stage with millions gathered. On stage with him was the Pope. The two looked odd together because Jesus was in a one piece seemless tunic with sandles but the pope was in a very ornated robe complete with hat with precious jewels embedded in it. He also had the ring and a shepards staff which was made partly of Gold.

Something was wrong with that picture.

Any thoughts on what it would actually look like for Jesus to come back and visit the pope?


Actually, I believe it already happened with Pope John Paul when he died. I read in Time magazine that the pope’s final words were “you have come for me, and I thank you.” I understand his aides and other staff didn’t know what he was referring to but some speculated, it could of been Christ. My opinion? Yes, it was.

As for your picture, because Jesus humbled himself, ate with the poor, perhaps you see him as this way, while you see the Pope with such authority and history, also a leader of the biggest religion on earth…love my pope. :love:


how about this?
last night while praying, I saw image of our Pop laying on a coffin with a very big cross. He was in White.


Ya know water, if you weren’t Catholic, I wouldn’t believe you. But we don’t fool around with our visions.
Was the image just in your head? Or did you see it with your eyes open…just curious.


Well the one-piece seamless tunic is what the High Priest wore when he was offering Sacrifice. So I would guess that Jesus was dressed as the High Priest, and the Pope was dressed as the Pope.

If Jesus did come back, it would be his glorified self, so he would appear to be dazzling white, like lightning and how ever else the Bible describes it.


His aids and staff knew what he was referring to. He was told that a large crowd of people gathered in the St. Peter’s Square and most of them were young. He was referring to the young people that gathered together on that memorable day.


It was in my mind and I came to the church and ask the group(charismatic group) in which there are few people who said they normally had vision and asked them if what I saw was vision or I just happened to think about it. Some just said it could be vision, but I should pray for it. In fact, the image of the Pope appeared, then later, in my head again, was an image of a soldier’s helmet full of empty bullet shells.

On some occasions, I’ve seen things with my own eyes - it was very pleasant experiences, but I am still doing some research about it to find out why I see things.

One thing I have noticed about this is that before when praying I hardly see anything in my head except those things such as my jobs, friends, etc…But lately, for more than 2 months, the things pop up in my mind never had anything to do with me. Most of the time, I feel that I understand what those “seem-to-be” visions mean, and I prayed wholeheartedly about it. Not all the things I have seen were pleasant, some of them are so against God. At that moment, I pray with Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Joseph to take those images away from my mind - and it would be gone quickly.

Quite few times, I try to convince myself that these images are my imagination and that I should not pay attention to it, but then I hardly resist because many of the images seem to have some strong messages. In the case of seeing our Pope, I prayed for his safety for going on the trip to Turkey. So, vision or not vision, I just try to make it a mean to pray.


You do not know that for sure, with my faith, I believe it was Jesus Christ. You can think however you want. :wink:


Having read santaro’s posts in the past, I assume this is supposed to be a criticism of the papal garments in contrast to what Jesus would have worn on earth. I don’t know if santaro is aware of this, but even the Apostle John wore a bishop’s garments including the hat (miter):

[quote= Catholic Answers Library] The word miter (or mitre) in English is derived directly from the Greek and Latin word* mitra*, meaning crown. There are many uses in the Greek New Testament of mitra. We see in 2 Timothy 4:8 and 1 Peter 5:4 that on judgment day crowns will be awarded and in James 1:12 and Revelvation 2:10 that these crowns are a reward for perseverance.

The miter’s origins in the Church aren’t precisely clear, but we do know, from the New Testament itself, that men were wearing some sort of headdress, at times inappropriately, in the early Church. In 1 Corinthians 11:4 Paul says at prayer men are to remove their hats, a rubric that continues to this day. (Men remove their hats as they enter a church, and a bishop removes his miter when he prays at a liturgy).

If we look at pre-Christian times, we see crowns, headdresses, and turbans of various sorts described and prescribed. Speaking of the high priest, Exodus 29:6 and Leviticus 8:9 say, “Put the miter on his head” In Exodus 28:3-4 the Old Testament is emphatic on what a high priest is to wear: "Y]ou shall give instructions to make such vestments for Aaron as will set him apart for his sacred service as my priest." These vestments include a linen miter (Ex. 39:28).

The miter of a Catholic bishop may not be derived specifically from this, but it does recollect it. We see a continuity, not necessarily in style, but in meaning. The miter is a ceremonial headdress for prelates which only the pope, cardinals, and bishops (all of them “higher priests,” though not the High Priest) can wear.

There are a few mentions of miters among early Church writers. Tertullian, writing about 220 in his De corona, refers to crowned apostles, evangelists, and bishops. The apostles James and John were said to have worn a headdress like that of the high priests of the Old Testament.

Eusebius, in his History of the Church (III, 31), speaks about the apostle John and says “Again there is John, who leant back on the Lord’s breast, and who became a priest wearing the miter.” James appears to have worn a priest’s miter, according to Epiphanius and Hegesippus.


I too have had a few experiences, but only my priest knows. I won’t talk about mine though. Things that come to mind that are unpleasant are not of God. They are of the devil. When my mind wanders into such thoughts, I just say Satan get behind me, Jesus sustain me, and He does. Everyone gets them. It is good and evil. Don’t worry, God is with you.


Santaro75, the vision you saw speaks for itself.

Trust in God, not in man.


Since the Pope was on the stage WITH Christ it sounds like your subconscience recognizes that the Pope’s position is Christ ordained.

I agree! (so does all of Christian history, even all that time before the 1500s)


Thanks Bella. I was thinking the same thing. Those bad images are not from God. I did ask my priest about these bad images; he advised me not to fight on my own but to bring it to Jesus. I followed his advice, and it works. I am not worried about the bad images anymore, and try not to fight back on my own.



If you had the funds, what kind of clothing would you give to Jesus. Would you not show your respect through trying to give your best possible.

It is the same with the vestments of the Pope and priest, as well as with our decoration of Churches. It is to show respect and show the specialness of these people and these places. It is not wrong to use wealth, it is not wrong to want to show our dedication to God, or to try and use decoration to show the specialness of a person.

That is at least the reason that I have heard for why our Churches are decorated, and why the Pope wears special vestments. Think about it, is the Pope always in Jewels and robes? or is it only when they are performing something for their position.

A lone Raven


Originally Posted by MarySon View Post
His aids and staff knew what he was referring to. He was told that a large crowd of people gathered in the St. Peter’s Square and most of them were young. He was referring to the young people that gathered together on that memorable day.

Hi Bella,
I think Maryson is more correct, see this from
The spokesman revealed that on April 1, as the multitude prayed for the Pope in St. Peter’s Square, John Paul II had said, referring to the youth present, "I have sought you. Now you have come to see me. I thank you."
and for his last words:
Date: 2005-09-20
John Paul II’s Last Words
Vatican Publishes the Final “Stations” of His Way of the Cross
VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 20, 2005 ( Pope John Paul II’s last words before his death April 2 were, “Let me go to the house of the Father,” says a chronicle published by the Holy See.


No, no, no.
The whole point is the reason it was even in Time magazine was that what he said could of meant anything. Why do my Catholic brothers and sisters always try to analyze a post and try to correct it the way they want to??


Why was this disturbing?


I dreamed of Pope John Paul II once.

This was twenty five years ago but he and I were in the high school gymnasium. I remember he was wearing gray sweat pants and a gray sweat shirt and tennis shoes.

He had a basketball and he wanted to play a game of one-on-one.

I seem to recall that we did. I don’t remember who won but I remember he was fast for an older gentleman and that he had an excellent eye for the hoop and a really good fade away jumper.

I am neither kidding nor making any of this up.

It may go a long way toward explaining why the “gold and jewels don’t befit an apostle” argument ever made much headway with me.

I just never really saw it that way and i always had the feeling that Karol Wojtyla would rather have worked in casual clothes but that the pontifical dress was a requirement he submitted to if not exactly reliuctantly at least not with any real joy or desire.

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