Vision of someone from purgatory?


My wife’s uncle died a couple months back who had converted to a Jehovah’s Witness. About a week after his death, my wife had a dream/vision of seeing him in our kitchen, pointing to a halloween bowl on top of our microwave.

I told her to get rid of that stuff before as I don’t like that stuff too much. Well, after the dream, she moved it somewhere else.

I told her he probably also appeared also so we can pray for him in purgatory as he was mostly like baptized as a child in Mexico. She doesn’t believe in purgatory.

Any thoughts???


Pray for his soul, but don’t read too much into it. The human mind can be weird.


Yea. True…

Watch “I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts!” on YouTube


You can pray for him if your wife won’t.


Yea, I have prayed for him.

Three month before he died, we debated the Bible for two hours. I finally gave up when he didn’t believe in heaven. Guess now he knows I was right.


I’m glad you posted the Fr. Mike video because that’s what I was going to do! :laughing:

Your uncle-in-law would have objected to the halloween bowl because JWs always do (in my experience) even if it is 100% secular, and doubtless she has that memory of him, which was a point Fr. Mike made toward the beginning if memory serves. IDK maybe it was another one of his videos. The one about dreams perhaps.

Obviously, if it’s any less that 100% secular or annual Fall tradition, then maybe her memory of her uncle is guiding her to remember the 1st Commandment.


Buy her this book to read.


I would love to hang out with this priest. :grinning:


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