Visional representation of the Blessed Trinity

A triangle is a three-sided polygon: one side, another side, and a third side. Each side of a triangle is the triangle. Each side is distinct, yet all three sides are one as a triangle.

God is the Trinity: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each Person of the Trinity is God. Each Person is distinct, yet all three Persons are One as God.

The Shield of the Trinity was also one of the earliest representations of the Blessed Trinity.
A little help with the Latin:

Non Est = Is Not

Est = Is

Spiritus Sancticus = Holy Spirit

Pater = Father

Filius = Son

Deus = God

There really are lots of ways to show the Trinity…

The man on the left is Christ, the Son, the man on the right is the Father and the dove is the Holy Spirit. Note the triangle around the head of the Father.

I have also read that the Triangle is also the strongest shape, from the point of view of building, etc. ~ which I suppose is why the pyramids in Egypt are built in that shape.

I submit the analogy of the strength of the triangle to the Trinity is well founded.

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