Visions or delusions?


My friend who is Catholic, is going through a rough time right now because her boyfriend (who is a cafeteria Catholic) broke up with her. She has been praying A LOT, reading, and going to a prayer group. I think these are all good things, but I honestly feel she is doing it tooooo much to a point where she thinks she is going to get an "answer" or a man of her dreams. She wants to get married, like all girls of course, but she is extreme about it. Anyway, one of our mutual friends is kind of weird and has a friend who tells her about her future, etc. Not sure if she still tells her stuff about her future, but she used to talk to her all the time about it and she still talks to her. Anyway, this mutual friend one day said to my friend who wants a boyfriend that she sees a vision of her man, and was really getting into it. My friend of course believes her because she wants a man so bad.

Now she says that she sees a vision of her man, and that she knows when he comes it will take only 6 months to a year to propose or be married not sure lol. Personally, I think she is delusional. But, can shereally get a vision of her future spouse?


It sounds like this “future-teller” is manipulating your friend because she knows she’s receptive to it. Pray for your friend. What a shame that people still do this to others. :frowning:


It sounds like your mutual friend is preying (possibly unintentionally) on your friend's desperation. Breakups hurt. Pray for your friend, spend time with her and comfort her. Help redirect her thoughts on serving others (it helps) and prayers on God rather than God fulfilling her wish for a man. She doesn't need a man. I don't say this bitterly but, for myself and many others I've met, when one surrenders one's love life to God and is happy being single, God may see fit to bless them with a life partner out of the blue. :) Everything happens in God's time and for His greater glory!



Your friend is obviously hurt by this ended relationship. On one hand she is clinging close to God, which is good. She is also so desperate for afirmation that agood relationship awaits her that she is seeing a fortune teller which is bad. I know because when I got divorced several years ago I did the exact same thing. I ended up spending a lot of money on those fortune tellers and none of their predictions came true. When I gave it clearly to God, and stopped seeking fortunetellers, he in his own time gave me the perfect mate. Being a Christian and seeking fortune tellers are not compatible. If she truly trusts God she will disregard everything this person told her. Because as long as she is trusting in this person God will not move on this subject.


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