Hi folks, I hope you could add this to your favorite Catholic Apologetics site.

The site is run by Mr. Ben Douglass, former Vice President of Catholic Apologetics International. He will have a speaking engagement this 4th of August 2007 with Fr. Brian Harrison. Here are the details.

Upcoming Events:

Third Conference of Catholics Defending Biblical Inerrancy. Saturday, August 4th at St. Patrick’s Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Begins with Rosary at 8:30 am and Mass at 9:00 am. Two presentations each from Fr. Brian Harrison, Salvatore Ciresi, and Ben Douglass. For conference registration or information, please contact Mr. Phil Camill, St. Patrick’s Director of Religious Education (540-785-7857 or

Will there be videos of this event?


Hi Laurence! Long time no hear! I’m not really sure if there will be videos but Ben told me it will be available at Keep the Give my regards to Robert.

God bless!:slight_smile:

Love the videos that Ben Douglass as posted on God Tube regarding James White’s theology!


Totally OT, but did you know James White’s sister is a convert to Catholicism? Her story is in Surprised by Truth 3.

Yeah its a great read, White was furious.

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