Visit With Adult Stem Cell Genius in San Diego

I, Don Margolis recently visited San Diego and met with Dr. Thomas Ichim, the CEO of the adult stem cell company, Medistem.

As many of you know, 18 months ago we founded the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI) to help sick patients locked into what we call the “American Death Row” medical system, to find help for 100 diseases their doctors cannot help them with. We started with six of the world’s top stem cell centers, all led by top researchers who want to help people now rather than wait 15+ years as the powerful entities which control American medicine have decreed is the fate of its citizens.We have added a few centers since then, always insisting they meet our high standards openly published for all to see. No one who wants to help people

Dr. Ichim is a cancer specialist turned stem cell genius, and his unfulfilled dream is to create a cancer “vaccine” powered by stem cells that can work around all the problems still facing most researchers. However, he stopped along the way to lead MediStem to the most advanced adult stem cells (or Repair Stem Cells) in practical use today.>

While many stem cell centers use “old fashioned” bone marrow RSCs directly without improving them, and others are implanting more powerful umbilical cord RSCs (China gets good results using six implants in 30 days), Israel’s famous Dr. Shimon Slavin goes to great lengths (60 days) to culture a tiny amount of the patient’s bone marrow mesenchymal RSCs (MSCs) into tens of millions for a single implant. Dr. Ichim, an admirer of Prof. Slavin, has dared to go a step further.

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