Visitation Monastery in Mobile, AL


Has anyone every visited or discerned their for their vocation recently? Does anyone know what they require with the application for postulants - besides the app and reference from a priest and/or others?

Meaning, which do they require?:

  1. Medical physical with blood work and chest x-ray; dental and psych

  2. Letter of medical health from a doctor, no dental and no psych

  3. Or a combination of these

I am asking for a friend. I do know of good things since the recent Mother Superior took over a few years ago but don't know about the entrance requirements. Yes, she will write them but asking up front these questions would probably be seen as premature as who knows if she'd like it there or if they'd accept her. She is unemployed right now and can get there to visit but with no insurance, all these expensive exams and tests will be beyond her means. The medical letter is easy to get for pretty much nothing from a doctor as is the references.

If anyone knows, I'd love to help her out. Thanks.


Following the Call

This link is from the Visitation in Tyringham, MA. It may help you better understand the application process for your friend. First contact the monastery. You said she was writing them; wait until you get a reply. The Mobile monastery will likely send her an information packet that further explains these things. The sisters will probably be able to help over phone or e-mail as well. The best thing to do is contact them; they will certainly address these things in the discernment and application processes if they are necessary.


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