Visiting a mosque - would you wear a headscarf?

I’m looking to visit a mosque in the interest of learning more about Islam. I’m curious though as a Catholic woman about wearing the veil. It would just seem so odd to me to wear something that seems to be making a public statement of “I am a muslim.” On the other hand, I don’t know if another style of covering up would be acceptable. So I’m asking both any muslims here what would be acceptable, and any Catholic women what you would wear?

In general, it is seen as proper etiquette to wear a veil as well as be covered (by many standards, that is wrists to ankles). I do not see it is as making a public statement of “I am a Muslim” but rather, if one is going to enter another house of worship, to which individuals place a great deal of respect and sanctity, it would be appropriate and proper for one to abide by the dress etiquette of said establishment. Thus, I would think it incumbent on anyone who is entering a mosque to wear appropriate clothing/headwear, the way I would expect an individual who is not Catholic yet wants to visit a church not to wear saggy pants or ball caps or whatnot.

Yeah, I think I agree with this.

It’s a cultural tradition, and it’s something Christian women would have done until very recently. You’re not claiming to be a Muslim by doing it.


I think my question is, would it be inappropriate to wear a more “secular” style of head covering instead a traditional veil? I was thinking of a headwrap paired with a capelet and turtleneck, which would provide the same amount of coverage as a standard veil, but would not appear distinctively Muslim.

Yes. Also When Visiting Orthodox Monasteries And a Russian Orthodox Church It Is Proper To Be Fully Covered. Remember Muslims Get TheIr Modesty Practices From The Orthodox Church. The Muslims Also Take Their Practice Of Prayer Times From Us (Although The Number Of Prayers Were Reduced To 5 and Times were Modified AsWere ThePrayers Themselves) And They Also Took From Us The From Of PrOstrations.

IfYouVisit A Mosque You’ll Notice Muslims From All Over The World And Each Ethnic Background Have A Totally Different Style Of HeadCovering. Some Women Wear ALl BlackAnd CoverTheir FaCe, Some Show Their Head, Others Don’t. Every woman’s Style Is Different.

Jews have paper yamukahs for visitors. Hopefully the Moslems offer paper scarves…

Uhhh…I didn’t say that you are claiming to be a Muslim by doing it. :confused: I said I agreed that someone should adhere to a dress code, just like anywhere else.

TheyDoHave Scarves For Women To Wear - Cloth, Not Paper.

Why Do You Want To Visit A Mosque?

I would wager that a Muslim would tell you to atleast cover your head. :slight_smile: Also be aware you probably have to enter from a different entrance.


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i would come prepared to cover your head if you are visiting a mosque. i had a friend who visited the Hagia Sophia and didn’t bring modest enough clothing. the clothes they provided acording to her were gross and worn by many people.

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I entered a mosque once. I was in Casablanca and wanted to see what the inside of a mosque looked like. I was curious, but really had no intention on becoming Muslim. I know Muslim women wear head scarves out of respect for God, so I did too. I know a lot of older Catholic women who wear lace scarves on their head, so it really wasn’t that strange to me. these older Catholic women where the lacy head scarves out of respect for God, too.

It would be very nice if you wore one, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to do it just to make the imam happy. It would be different if you were a muslim, but as long as you mention the fact that you’re not a muslim, what reason would the imam [or other staff members] have to be angry? It is a conservative environment, though, so please don’t show off your legs, arms or cleavage.



I would recommend that you do, just to avoid issues.

Single women in Muslim countries attract problems. Even more so if you look Anglo- I say this from personal experience, not from some sort of racial fear.
My suggestion is that for the entirety of your visit to a Muslim-majority country, you make sure you are covered from neck to wrist to ankle, and that you have a headscarf of some sort available at all time. And if you are busty, as I am, ensure that your clothing is not clingy in anyway.

If you need clothing ideas, or ways to hijabify (I just made that word up) clothes you already have, visit the website Hijab Style.

I don’t think they’ll let a woman in a mosque without a veil. I think it’s like the dress rules in Vatican City except since we are talking about muslims, it is undoubtedly a dress rule on steroids–and if you really want to go inside a mosque, you better invest in a scarf. For that matter and to be on the safe side, I’d check as to anything required about skirts, pants, arms being covered, lengths of skirts, etc too–seriously. Is there a muslim you know that you could ask or can you call the mosque you plan to visit before you go? I don’t know what I’d wear–I probably wouldn’t go.:shrug:

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