Visiting Carthusian Nuns?



I am going to visit the Monastic Sisters of Bethlehem this summer in Livingston Manor, NY. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me. I am staying for 8 days, and have no clue what I am in for! I have never seriosuly discerned with a convent before, so this is all very new. Thank you for your advice and tips.


They are (for clarification) not Carthusian Nuns...they are followers of St. Bruno yes -so I understand the mistake there.....but not per se Carthusians

For the Carthusians and Carthusian Nuns:


Thank you for the reply! I simply did not want to have to explain everything about their charism to anyone unfamiliar with them, and their spirituality is Carthusian. They aren’t official Carthusian nuns, but for all intents and purposes Carthusian explains the vocation and mission of the Sisters fully.


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