Visiting Charlotte, NC

I will be on business in Charlotte, NC, near the UNC campus. I’m looking for a parish with a traditional, reverent and holy Mass. No praise and worship music, no guitars. When I leave the parish, I want to know and feel like I was in a Catholic church, where the emphasis is on the Eucharist, and not on the “community”; someplace with vertical worship (worshipping God), not horizontal worship (worshipping the members of the community).

Any suggestions?

I’d recommend a Catholic church! :thumbsup:

Any of these work for you?

St. Ann is the forerunner:

There is a chapel (St. Anthony of Padua) staffed by the SSPX in Mount Holly which would take you about 25 minutes to get to from the UNCC area.

St. Ann parish is on Park Road near downtown Charlotte. Fr. Reid celebrates the traditional Latin Mass the first Saturday of each month (6:30 PM) which fulfills your Sunday obligation and every Wednesday at 6 PM.

St Thomas Aquinas is across the street from the campus but the Masses are more on the contemporary side. St Ann’s is a good choice. From their brochure: First Saturdays 6:30 P.M. (Vigil Mass in the Extraordinary Form)

An excellent recommendation! :thumbsup:

Take your pick, as they are all one, holy, catholic and apostolic (at least according to devout and practicing Catholics):,+NC+catholic+churches&sll=38.408799,-121.371618&sspn=0.399772,0.523911&ie=UTF8&hq=catholic+churches&hnear=Charlotte,+Mecklenburg,+North+Carolina&ll=35.185033,-80.789337&spn=0.402936,0.523911&z=11

Thank you! I was concerned that this might be the case with St. Thomas Aquinas being located so near the campus. That may be my choice for daily mass, if I can arrange that. I think I have decided on St. Ann’s for Sunday obligation.

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