Visiting Chicago this weekend


Wasn’t really sure where to put this topic but here goes…

I’m visiting Chicago for a wedding and looking for some sight-seeing suggestions.

I’m also trying to figure out the logistics of getting to Mass on Sunday morning before our flight leaves at 12:30. We’re staying at the Belden Stratford hotel (or something like that?). Anybody know if there are any Catholic churches withing reasonable walking distance?

I know that O’hare has a chapel that has Mass at 11 a.m. but I’m not sure if we’d have enough time to get to our gate by the time Mass gets over so trying to figure something out…


Are you downtown or in the suburbs?


I have no idea because somebody else is planning everything…but they keep calling me for ideas on what to do. :rolleyes: I have no clue. I know nothing about Chicago.

We will be spending Saturday downtown. That I do know.


There are several things to see in the area around the Water Tower. There’s the John Hancock Center, Holy Name Cathedral, Water Tower Place (a shopping center) and St. James Chapel. The cathedral was closed after a small fire in Feb. of this year, and will apparantly reopen in the beginning of August.


OK, the hotel you are at is right across from Lincoln Park Zoo. Look at and use 60614 as the ZIP.

The closest parish within walking distance is St. Clement, but keep in mind the neighborhood is a liberal area of Chicago.

Although not walking distance, St. John Cantius has a Tridentine Low Mass at 7:30 AM, I believe.

If you can get to tour this, please do! If the website is correct, there are tours on Saturdays from noon until 2PM: (there is a phone number and email if you wish to contact them to make sure the info is still correct).

To whet your appetite:

Although it is a few miles northwest of downtown, another idea is to visit the largest monstrance in existence at St. Stanislaus Kostka :


They also have a 7:30 AM Mass on Sunday.


It’s in Lincoln Park my old hood:D You will be right across the street from Lincoln Park Zoo, a great (free!) zoo, nice easy to walk zoo with plenty of variety of animals. Man i miss that zoo! The kids and I used to go there weekly. Nature Preserve and Flower Conservatory are right there too, along with the Caldwell Lily Pool. You’re in walking distance from North Avenue beach. Public transportation is close and easy to get to to get to Michigan Ave, shopping, dining, etc. With nice weather you will have an abundance of things to do right there by your hotel.

The closest Church I’m pretty sure would be St Vincent De Paul, but St Clement’s might be equally close. (I’m partial to SVDP but that’s just me) St. Theresa of Avila is close too come to think of it. You should have a few choices. Here are the links…

St. Theresa of Avila

St. Clement has an 8 am Sun mass

has an 8am Sunday mass

HTH and hope you enjoy! I’m jealous, I miss Chicago:(:blush:


It’s not that close, but take a cab ($$$) and go see the Bean at Millennium Park . I know, it sounds stupid, but it’s really awesome! Take a camera.

And JIC you are a girl (not a guy), the American Girls Store is downtown Chicago, and yes, as silly as it sounds, I could spend hours there. They do a show and a tea party.


How long would you think it’d take to walk to either parish? We won’t have a car and we’ll be short on time.

If I had my way, we’d just get to the airport early and go to the 9 am Mass in the chapel. But my sister doesn’t want to go to the airport early. Getting to Mass just isn’t important to her.


Here’s a map,+Chicago,+IL+60614-3456+(Belden+Stratford+Hotel%2FApartments)&daddr=1010+W+Webster+Ave,+Chicago,+IL+60614-3503+(St+Vincent+De+Paul+Church)&geocode=FQS2fwIdTsPG-iGkT2_5rmFbjg%3BFXqufwIdCILG-iE_Dul1HLbh5Q&hl=en&mra=ls&dirflg=r&date=07%2F14%2F09&time=8:51am&ttype=dep&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=&tline=&sll=41.923355,-87.645192&sspn=0.010441,0.018947&ie=UTF8&ll=41.923131,-87.645535&spn=0.010441,0.018947&z=16&start=0

Hope that works…

its about 9 blocks walking so maybe 20 min…might be a bit much with kids in tow. How about a cab? Probably a good idea to ask the concierge at the hotel too they might have a shuttle for you, too. But a cab 9 blocks wouldn’t be bad cost wise, and the desk can call for you and ask for a mini van too. I can’t remember the buses schedules right there but there might (likely) also be a bus right from the hotel to the Church, SVDP that is.

And speaking of the Bean, the 151 bus will take you right there in abour 25 min,+Chicago,+IL+60614-3456+(Belden+Stratford+Hotel%2FApartments)&daddr=201+E+Randolph+St,+Chicago,+IL+60601+(Millennium+Park)&geocode=CZC3_BwiFUFTFQS2fwIdTsPG-iGkT2_5rmFbjg%3BFYcafwIdM_zG-iGsPJyKjbHRag&hl=en&mra=pe&mrcr=0&dirflg=r&date=07%2F14%2F09&time=9:01am&ttype=dep&noexp=0&noal=0&sort=&tline=&sll=41.904197,-87.629889&sspn=0.083556,0.151577&ie=UTF8&ll=41.900999,-87.6509&spn=0.04178,0.075788&z=14&start=0

The concierge at the hotel is going to be an invaluable resource for you they can tell you how to get anywhere. There are free trolley’s too that go to places like Navy Pier and Michigan Ave., so lots of options.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

I won’t have the kids with me, but I think it’ll probably be too long of a walk. We won’t have much time because we have to get checked out of the hotel and to the airport.


Yeah, you will be cutting it close for sure.


Yea, our only other option would be to go to the 9 am Mass at the airport chapel. But my sister doesn’t want to have to be at the airport that early. If it were up to me, though…

I can always to to Mass Sunday night but I know after traveling I’m going to be too tired to go back out by the time I get home Sunday. DS just doesn’t get this. It just makes more sense to me to take advantage of the Mass offered at the airport, even if it means getting up a tad bit earlier.


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