Visiting Family Members


I have a question.

My husband will be leaving to go hunting for a weekend in December and my mother-n-law and I along with my children will be going visit my brother -n- law and his family in Alabama. They recently moved there for his job. They are in an invalid marriage, so I was wondering if it would be a sin to stay at their house with them. I in no way agree with there not being married in the church. At this time they would not be able to be married in the church because they are divorced and would need to see an annulment. This is a difficult situation. What should I do?

My children do not realize that they are in an invalid marriage because they are younger, but is this still wrong to expose them to this. My kids have already slept over at the there house when they lived closer to us. They have two children together and my sister n law has two other children.

I would appreciate any advice if you may have a similar situation in your family.



This is a tough question and I hope there's a priest or a professional apologist lurking on this forum who might be willing to offer a good answer!


Thanks! I submitted my question on the ask an apologist forum.


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