Visiting orders and how you feel


I’ve wondered if everyone tends to feel all prayerful and happy when they spend time with an order. I’ve found that they tend to make me more aware of what’s going on internally. I’ve noticed my difficulties with giving up wants and things; missing the love and affection of loved ones; feeling some isolation/scared/fears; some repugnance at some things; some annoyance at the repeat schedule, etc.

I feel like these are just some of the crosses of the life, or a part, at least for me, a part of living a whole new way of life and adjusting, still yet to get used to it and make friends there.

Have others noticed some difficulties they can perceive would need growing if entered?

I read that people can naturally feel repelled at the life, even if they have the true calling, because it does go against our human nature and it is about dying to yourself, and a life of sacrifice.

I don’t mean to make it sound like that’s all I noticed. I love the joy, love, and peace, too. And the prayer, singing, community, etc. etc. More good than bad. I’ve been discerning a long time, and I’ve visitied many types of orders.

God bless you.

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