Visiting Protestant Church for Father's Day?


We have 3 kids ages 11, 7, 6. Me and the kids are Catholic but their father is not (my husband). He always attends Mass with us and is very supportive of our Faith. I pray daily for unity between us in the Catholic faith & for his conversion. The other day I overheard him explaining to a friend that all the rest of the Christian religions are based from the one true religion, Catholicism. Therefore, I know God is working in his life.

For Father’s Day this Sunday he wants us to visit his Dad’s Church which is a very very small (about 30 ppl) independent bible church (the Church he grew up in). He wants to do it for his aging Dad for Father’s Day. Of course, I got a little upset and told him I did not want to do that. He then said that if I really wanted to give him a gift for Father’s Day I would go to Mass Sat night to fulfill my obligation and attend with him this one Sunday. I smiled and agreed and said that it be known to his Dad that me and the kids are Catholic and we always will be and we will not be going to any more church services except Father’s Day.

Any thoughts? :shrug:


I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I think the CC says it's ok to occasionally visit Protestant churches for special occasions, etc. as long as you fulfill your Sunday obligation. So I don't see why it would be a problem. You've made it clear to your husband that this is a rare, special occasion that won't be happening often. I think he understands that your faith is important to you and he just wants you to accompany him this one time.


I don't think there is anything wrong with accommodating your husband's wish to attend a service at his childhood church with his aging father. Unless your father-in-law has aggressively tried to convert you in the past - I think it's sweet that your husband wants to make his old man happy with this small gesture. Imagine if one of your boys grew up and left the faith and married someone who wouldn't EVER let him attend Mass with you, even on Mother's Day.


I think that as long as you fulfill your Sunday obligation, there is no problem with attending a non-Catholic service. I think that it is a sweet gesture for your husband to do something for him to make him happy on Father’s Day.


Thanks everyone, I really really appreciate your input on this. :D God bless


I think this would be a very nice gesture on your part to show love for our Christian brothers as well as long as you still make your Sunday obligation which can be done on Saturday night as well and you do not partake in Protestant communion.


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