Visiting Seattle (and possible Vancouver(


In mid- Nov I’ll be headed to the Seattle area (Whidbey Island) to visit my Navy son.

I want to see downtown Seattle - probably the Space Needle and Pike Market. What else is good to see?

Vancouver is 2 hours from Whidbey Island, so we may take a day trip there. Capilano Suspension Bridge looks like fun. Anyone ever been there? Other suggestions for Vancouver?

Thanks!! —KCT


Capilano suspension bridge is fun. There is also a free one on the north shore (Lynn Canyon suspension bridge).

Other stuff:

Stanley Park
Holy Rosary Cathedral (renos will be done by then :slight_smile: )

Here’s a good link for stuff to do in vancouver:


My son is 19 (almost 20) and not much of an outdoorsman, though the suspension bridges look so amazing, I think he would like them. --KCT



Mount St. Helen’s was really a nice trip. My sister lives out there and we have visited quite a few times. It really depends on the types of activities you like to do, like if you are a big hiker, there are a lot of beautiful hikes. Downtown Seattle is nice. The ferry rides are fun. I will have to find out from my sister the names of places that I can’t think of. I remember she took us to see where they filmed Twin Peaks, I never saw the show, but the place was nice. Whidby Island is actually one of my favorite places. There is a little town there that has some old book stores and a soda shop. There is a lighthouse and a really neat shore line.


I used to live in Seattle.

  1. If you’re a coffee lover you really should brave the freaks on Broadway on Capitol Hill to visit Vivace. It’s really REALLY good. Be forewarned, though, that they pull double shots.

  2. If you like jazz music (as I do, hence the handle) you can’t go wrong visiting the New Orleans on 1st Avenue near Pioneer Square; the Cajun and Creole food is as wonderful as the music.

  3. The Underground Tour is also in Pioneer Square and is hilarious. You can find out more about that here.

  1. The best shopping is the Westlake Center complex, located a monorail trip away from Seattle Center. The Bon Marche and Nordstrom’s are right across the street, as well.

  2. The Experience Music Project opened after I left but I’ve heard it’s wonderful. It’s located on the Seattle Center campus near the Space Needle.


I enjoy staring at the grey clouds. Grungy granola tree people, metrosexuals, and really really really bad sports teams. Oh and you can walk into a starbucks for the rarely seen corporate cofee house intelectuals and soccer moms.


If it’s at all possible, try and take a seaplane to the San Juan Islands. Friday Harbor is stunning. You may even see whales!

Downtown has changed in the last few years. The Space Noodle is fine and the Market a must. The Waterfront is also quite pretty and full of tourists so it’s a safe bet you won’t run into our enormous homeless inhabitants and street kids who are not shy about panhandling. 5th Ave, 6th Ave and the Convention Center Area are all great shopping areas. While you’re visiting the Seattle Center (Space Noodle), ask for directions to the park in Queen Anne that has the best view of the Seattle skyline. My son works there so I know the employees are all friendly and helpful!

If you have time, you MUST go to Mt. Rainier. It will blow your mind. Up north, the Cascade Highway (22) is breathtaking. Mount Vernon (birthplace of Jim Caveizel) is lovely as well as La Conner and other small surrounding towns.

That should keep you pretty busy! Have fun and bring rain gear!

BTW: Do you know what Church you will be attending while here? You might need some guidance on that!


Capitol Hill is Sodom and Gomorrah now. There are countless coffee shops in Seattle. The Hill is the very last place I would ever send anyone.


Most likely St. Augustine on Whidbey Island. I’ll be staying at Navy Lodge and taking day trips - probably one day in Seattle, one day in Vancouver and the third day is play it by ear at this point. --KCT


I was stuck in Seattle once due to a snowstorm back home. Sorry all you Seattle folks but I found it a very bland experience. But I did get a really good fish stew across from Pike’s Market.


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