Visiting student at gallaudet?


Well, I’m looking into going to Gallaudet as a visiting student for a semester (possibly two), on the suggestion of some people. I really want to go, and be around people like myself :cool: Also, they have a Deaf Lit class and some more ASL classes, plus I’m certain many of their English classes will transfer evenly over to my English degree here. I’m checking with the English Dept. chair right now. Needless to say, this would be an incredible opportunity.

I’m still waiting to hear from several places, though, before I can seriously consider it, such as will my scholarships be saved/transfered? (if I go below full time, I could lose them) I can pay for transportation there, but without money to help pay for it, I will have to tell myself ‘no’.

Once I find out everything about being a visiting student, and have all my ducks in a row, I will tell my parents of my plan. I’m nervous, though, because I don’t know how they will react…they spent all these years raising me to be as normal as possible (i.e. hearing) and I’m glad for that. But I don’t want them to think that going to Gallaudet means I’m disappointed with them, really I’m not. I just want to help my Deaf identity grow. Also, they’re really tenative if I have to borrow more money for my education, esp. since I don’t have to go, it’s just a want.

Does anybody know anything about being a visiting student? Could you please share your knowledge/experience?

I don’t think I ever asked for prayer help on CAF before, but I truly hope this will work out, so please pray for this :o I need to have enough money and not worry about losing my scholarships (I bought a lotto ticket before realizing prayers can work too). I also need courage to present this plan to my parents if this all works out, and hope my parents have the wisdom to accept and support me in this, and the courage to have me live two driving days away from home.



Sounds exciting!

I don’t know anything about being a visiting student, but I can give you a few thoughts on Gallaudet (I live less than 3 miles away):

(1) Gallaudet University is near Brookland, a neighborhood with MANY opportunities for you to meet other Catholics and grow in their faith. (Young adult events, singles groups, movie and book discussions, parties…almost anything you can imagine.)

(2) Galluadet University is in a dangerous part of DC. I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.

(3) As you probably know, last year, there were massive protests at the university (due to the students demanding a deaf president – the present-elect was not deaf), which resulted in a campus shutdown, police action, and over 100 arrests.

Due to the side-effects of the conflict (among other things), the university was placed on “probation” by its accrediting organization. If the university doesn’t improve this year, it might lose its accreditation.

If Gallaudet loses its accreditation, you will probably have to go back to your home university, and you will lose the credit you earned as a visiting student. You may want to keep this in mind when considering your options.


Wow, thanks for your insight! I knew Gallaudet was near Catholic U, and knew I didn’t have to worry about Mass services :slight_smile: And part of me is hoping I’ll meet a Deaf Catholic, or at least a Catholic who knows some sign language that way :wink:

I had heard that it was a dangerous area, but I’m taking self-defense class, and plan to use the “buddy system” when going off of campus. I also know that Gallaudet has campus security too, so hopefully I’ll be safe :slight_smile:

And yeah, I heard about the protests, but didn’t know it was in danger of losing its accreditation…wow…thanks for letting me know that. I will keep an eye on that; it would probably be all over the news if the only Deaf university in the world was not accredited any more (and more protests probably, oh, joy). But yeah, I won’t do any protests, stay locked up in my dorm or something.

All this was really helpful to know so I can make the right decision :slight_smile: But I hope you’re not in that danerous part of town? yikes :wink:


Here is a letter in the Washington Post that mentions the accreditation issue:
(This is an opinion letter, so you might not agree with it, but it does document the facts of the accreditation issue.)

Where I live is not as dangerous as the area around Gallaudet, but it’s still not great. Recently, there were 2 murder incidents in a 1-mile radius (although this is a little unusual; normally things aren’t that bad).

Do you drive? If you have a car, safety issues are less of a concern. But, I do cringe every time I drive around there, because the neighborhoods around the university are so ugly. You’ll see what I mean when you visit.


Holly, I think it would be a good experience. ack told you about the things that happened last year. I am not deaf, but live in the suburbs and read about Gallaudet from time to time.

Read the issues in the accreditation report - Google it. I remember something about most people who go there don’t graduate, for whatever reason. I think it’s more of an education in deaf politics than in actual education. If you want to experience that, Gallaudet is the place to go.


wow…but I know exactly what you mean, ack. things aren’t normally bad around my neighborhood, but recently there were two rape cases…less than a mile from my house.

and yep, I have a car!

I just read that article, and it was informative :slight_smile:

I hope it works out, because, as PaulinVA says, it’s more of an education in the Deaf community. But if I can take classes that apply toward my major at the same time, then that’s great :slight_smile: I heard that too, and I’m not sure why most people don’t graduate. Maybe too many of us are visiting students :wink:


Here’s another article for your consideration. The accreditation issue is a real one. I have served Middle States Review Teams (though not at Gallaudet) and I can assure your that probation is VERY serious as are the reasons for Middle States concerns.


Thanks :slight_smile: All information is great, even if they’re not positive :wink: I like to make informed decisions.


If you do decide to go to galluedet, make sure to post on this forum. Then, I can ask my Catholic friends in Brookland if they know of any good groups for deaf Catholics. :slight_smile:


Holly, my parents are deaf. I hope you know that many of the deaf students at Gallaudet are ASL only and can be hostile towards deaf people who have mainstreamed: you probably do. It really is unfortunate. How is your ASL? Another possible option would be for you to attend a nearby college where you would probably be able to meet lots of deaf students from Gallaudet in your down time. Just some thoughts for you.


ack, will do :slight_smile:

so you’re a coda? :cool: yeah, I’m aware of that…with that recent protest for the Gally president not being “deaf enough”…unfortunately. But I get similar reactions from people because I’m not hearing enough. And because I homeschooled.
hmmm…that’s an option…

anyway, I was just looking into this, so if it doesn’t work out, no big deal. It might not be meant to be. It just would be an awesome experience like studying abroad, only domestically :slight_smile: Same for Spanish students visiting Spain (my analogy might be incorrect, but close enough :slight_smile: ) I haven’t heard back from too many people yet about the whole being a visiting student thing, but then again I forgot today was a national holiday. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a better response :slight_smile:

The whole thing hinges on money…but somebody did suggest getting in touch with my state’s vocational rehabillitation office (she was quite surprised I never heard of that option). It would help me prepare for the real world as a person with a disAbility…and Gallaudet is supposed to have a lot of connections in helping graduates get a job. So…

anyway, I’m tired, and not thinking straight anymore. good night :slight_smile:


As to the ‘bad neighborhood’ issue. Gally used to have a shuttle bus for students that left from campus and took students to Union Station. I don’t know if that service is still available, but if it is, I’d use it. Union Station has connections to Metro trains and Amtrak, so it’s very handy (not to mention a HUGE food court and a range of shops).


I just heard from somebody on my blog that they have the shuttle still, and a new station. I’m not sure why exactly this is, but she said it generally is good for a neighborhood. But that sounds great! I want to see DC, I’ve always have :slight_smile: Tour the White House, and all that! Food court, good, shops, good too! :smiley:

Anyway, thanks to you all :slight_smile:


They built the Gallaudet University Metro station about two years ago.

Metro Stations are generally good for neighborhoods in Washington, DC because of the severe traffic situation here. Housing within walking distance of a metro station is highly prized by young professionals, because driving and parking during rush hour is so horrible. In theory, a new Metro station will attract new condos (and new upper-class residents) because everyone wants to live near the Metro, but most of the neighborhoods around Metro stations are already full.

In my opinion, it will be many years before the Metro station revitalizes the neighborhood. The neighborhood has fallen so far, it will take a long time before upper-class professionals will want to live here again.

Union Station has a huge food court, with every kind of food you could imagine, but it’s so EXPENSIVE!!!


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