Visiting those in jail

I hope i am not making this post out of bad intentions but i want to ask it anyways…

the lord says that he will seperate the good from the evil… those good will feed the poor, clothe the naked and visit those in jail…

now we all do much of feeding the poor and clothing with donations like st vincent de paul but i know many of us do not visit those in jail… surrely even my auntie gradnmother who is 95 has never done so…

what are we to make of this

They are examples, it is about charity.

Well, Mother Angelica says there are other ways to be a “prisoner”, for example someone who is homebound due to illness can be a type of prisoner in his or her own home. Someone who is in a nursing home and never receives visitors is another example. Someone who is living a sinful life is also a prisoner, living in spiritual bondage. I just happen to have a relative who really is in prison right now, and I make an effort to write to her often, I pray for her, and I share my Faith with her as the Holy Spirit guides me. You may not actually know someone who is in jail, but perhaps you can think of someone who is a prisoner in other ways.

We each do what we can! It takes a very special person to visit those in jail. I signed up for this ministry once, and attempted it with much prayer and good intentions. However, traveling up with a guard in a locked elevator, then being locked in a room without a way to call for help, was too much for my clostrophobic soul. :eek: there were those in the ministry that found it very rewarding…but I couldn’t do it effectively. I do love to visit the sick and hospitalized- and know some people who find that to be a difficult ministry. I think, though, as a church, all of our efforts combine to give glory to God. We can’t all do everything, but we can each do something!

Yes, I agree. We are each given different gifts. I am more drawn to the Spirtual Works of Mercy than the Corporal Works of Mercy, although both are very important. We can’t do everything, but when we see a direct need (such as a family member in jail or a next door neighbor who loses his job and can’t feed his children), we should respond as best we can.

As another said it is about charity. Not everyone is called to visit those in prison, but for those who are this is a valid ministry. I doubt I could do it, if for no other reason is I couldn’t take the noise and being confined too very well. It does not mean some sort of ministry would be impossible however.

For those that are able I pray it makes a difference in some prisoners life to change for the better. Also, we need to remember that not all folks in prison are guilty of anything at all. I have come to believe that there are a lot more innocent folks in jail than I used to think. We should ponder that possibility in our lives.

I recently read the Works of Mercy as written in 1885, and this was translated “Ransom the captives.” I thought that was interesting…

There are many works in the Church–we are not *each *called to do *all *of them. We should each do what we can, and support as we can others who are doing different things. In the olden days, there was a lot of encouragement of the missionaries overseas, by almsgiving and by prayer. In the Middle Ages, people supported the monasteries which provided the “social safety net.” The people of the neighborhood had to work, bit they gave food, money, and other forms of support to the monks or nuns. Contemplative religous were considered to be praying for the rest of us, since we don’t have the time to pray so many prayers :).

So it’s supposed to be more like an actual body, where the hands to one thing, the feet another, and the stomach a third thing.

I thought I would join a Catholic group that has a prison ministry. So far, I haven’t found one. There is a family, dad deceased, whose son was arrested. I plan to visit the mom and assure her of our prayers for her son and the family. Most of the neighbors have shunned them since this. You can always pray for the inmates and staff of your nearest prison. I really admire those who can serve the incarcerated. Good to learn of Mother Angelica’s list from the previous poster.

I was in jail once, myself, and i prayed as hard as I could to God Almighty for a bible, and He, in His infinite wisdom, led me to ask a certain officer walking around, commanding me to yell at Him. So i obeyed, I yelled at the officer to bring me a bible, and he completely ignored me. But after about 30 minutes to an hour, he returned with a medium-sized non-english bible. I can’t read anything but english. So what happened is Father God told me to take a bite of the leather cover of the bible, and chew it, and swallow it. I was very confused at this odd request, but of course I did as I was commanded. After I ate a peice of the leather cover of the book, I was infused with Holy Scripture in my intelligence. I can’t explain exactly how this happened, but I began to preach the Holy Gospel to all the inmates in my immediate area, I spoke predominantly to a drug dealer who had a wife and very young children, I explained to Him what Jesus wants us to behave as and I advised him of the risks of doing such dangerous activities, for being a drug dealer is immoral and can get him killed. I guided this man away from his sinful ways, and I am convinced that right there and then, he converted to Christianity. It is very hard to explain but thats what happened. There was a suicidal man next to my cell as well, who overheard. I’m sure it had a positive effect on him as well.
My point being, if you visit those in jail, many of them are unaware of the freedom that the Gospel of light provides. They can be free from captivity while still in jail, if only one brave soul with the Holy Spirit goes and teaches them the basics of Godliness. They do appreciate it, as long as you teach them in a rebuking way and in a way that ensures that their lives indefinitely improves by this. It’s a good thing, but it takes courage. I hope more people will got o jail and preach these inmates the truth, the way, and the life. They truly need it and can be free’d from their bondage, both spiritually and temporally/physically by it. You can work miracles if you preach to inmates. Most of them are ready for a change. It just takes a courageous soul.

I’d like this post deleted if possible.
Sorry about the mixup guys, i just dont want to mention anything that might possibly be sacrileges. Apologies.

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