Visiting Vatican - tips?

Hey, I don’t know where in the forum to post this however I am visiting Rome in January 12th-17th and wondering if you have any tips with regards to seeing the Holy Father etc.
I’m staying in a convent outside the Vatican walls and wondering about things to see and do in the Basilica and most importantly how I will get to go to Sunday Mass with the Pope and possibly go to an audience??
Thanks in advance

Take the scavi tour…

In addition to the Scavi tour mentioned, I would visit the web site for Santa Susanna Church, which is the American church in Rome. They can get you tickets for a Papal audience if you are interested; they are free, but you have to contact well in advance, so I’d do it now. Click on the tab for Pilgrims in Rome, and you will be given a form to request tickets.

I went last year, go through the Vatican with a tour group,not on your own,
The Que is miles long if you don’t take a tour group,once your inside you can go on your own if you wish,but a tour group is very informative ,
Plus you must remember there are many places to see apart from the Vaticam ,
You must go to Saint Pauls outside the wall , plus go see the Colosseum ,
It’s amazing as well… Go on the Internet and make yourself an inventory of the things to see & do, have a plan,a schedule ,otherwise you won’t see half of it,
Good luck ,

I just went in September. A tour for St Peter’s is a good suggestion. My first day in Rome I went to the Vatican on my own. It was a Wednesday with the morning Papal audience. If you do go on your own it can be done but I would suggest getting there very early, like 7:00 or 7:30 to get through security.

This site has some good information about the Vatican:

This is the official Vatican site for tickets and details of Papal audiences. I’d recommend getting your tickets there directly.

Been to Rome twice. Fantastic city. My favourite.

Buy your tickets online, in advance for different places which means beating the ques!

Take the scavi tour. You may need a letter from the bishops office. Our tickets for the audience were changed when we picked them up and we got to meet the pope.

I think it’s because we were so dang cute. You should try it.

Also. Grab a gelato and just hang out at night in the square.

Take extra time in the museum, don’t just rush from room to room.

The best tip is to wear the most comfortable shoes you can. When I went I was there for three weeks and had bought two pairs of good walking shoes. One was fairly comfortable, the other pair were great for walking on the uneven walking surfaces in Rome. Out of what I paid for that trip the shoes were probably the best investment. :smiley:

I want to go back to Rome. Really love the place.

When Mass events are broadcast on EWTN from St.Peter’s Basilica, I am amazed at the people crowding to get a picture of the pope. Aren’t there like a million photos of him that you could buy that would be just as good or better than a snapshot? You know, the pope on a mug, the pope on a placemat, the pope on a post card, etc.?

The reformer (?) Martin Luther was annoyed by pilgrimages. The article didn’t say why, but a pilgrimage brings to mind all the revenue that Romans get – or don’t get – they expected more foot traffic for the Year of Mercy.

Well, I don’t have the money to get to Rome and I’ll have to settle for Jesus six blocks away in my local church.

YES!!! I just went to Rome this past March with my pastor- it was a group pilgrimage. The Scavi tour was amazing!

I also recommend reading “I Will Be Called John” before your trip. It’s a biography of Pope Saint John the 23rd. It will mean that much more when you see him lying in state at Saint Peter’s.

So excited for you! You’re going to love it! I’ve been twice and I"m going again in 2018.

So true. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be walking on cobblestones and marble, so try out shoes in similar surfaces if you can.

It’s also helpful to bring an infinity scarf if you’re a woman. I did last time, and it served me well as a scarf and a headcovering- not that you’re required to cover. That’s optional.

One of my favorite parts of Rome is rarely mentioned in lists of the Must Do items: climb to the top of the dome of St Peter’s Basilica. I didn’t even know about it; I just stumbled upon it when I was there. Totally worth it and you will get the most amazing view of the city from the very top of St Peter’s!

For a longer description with pictures, see Climbing up St Peter’s Basilica’s dome. The winding/narrowing/slanting stairs are quite an experience :slight_smile:

I Forgot about that one,,,, yes it's fantastic,, it's a Must do

This is one I wish I could have done but I have bad knees and bad lungs so climbing 500+ stairs is not an option for me. Just the walking in Rome, which is all either up hill or down hill, was difficult and I needed frequent rest breaks. The bars came in extra handy for that.

Thanks guys!!

Assuming the Pope is saying Mass in the Basilica on the Sunday I’m there, do I have to get a ticket or?

Is he scheduled to say mass? That would be rare.

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