¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Courtesy of Audio Sancto comes this sermon about the Cristiada, the shameful persecution of Mexican Catholics by atheist and Freemason totalitarians and socialists with American backing (and sometimes active participation). All Catholics here should listen to it and familiarize themselves with the story of the noble martyrs who died for Christ the King and their right to praise and worship Him:


There is a movie coming out on this movement, “Christiada!”

It has been in “post-production” for a long time. Despite having a stellar cast (Peter O’Toole, Eva Longoria, Andy Garcia, Ruben Blades) it hasn’t been released in theaters yet…I suspect because distributors are afraid of anti-Catholic prejudice. Hollywood is a lot more comfortable with movies that portray the Church as Evil and secularists as Good.

Here’s a link to the trailer. It looks really good.


It looks amazing. :slight_smile: When does it come out?

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