Viva la Vida by Coldplay

I know nothing about this band and this is the only song I know is by them.

So what is the deal with it? What does it mean? Why does he say “I know St. Peter won’t call my name?”


The song is esentially the ballad of Napoleon in the moments before his death in exile.

The line in particular you reference probably relates to Napoleon’s refusal to believe he would truly die. Later in the song it says St. Peter WILL call his name, referencing acceptance of death.

That’s always how I’ve thought of it too…a man who went from “ruling the world” to basically losing everything. I’m not sure why I associated it with Napoleon…maybe it’s the cover art for the album, but there you go.

I should say, that’s only an interpretation we came up with…I didn’t talk to Chris Martin about it :smiley:

I suppose it could be about any exiled leader. I think the “St. Peter” reference is just a pop culture reference to death; kinda like “St. Peter don’t ya call me cuz I can’t go, I sold my soul to the company store.”

You could be right about Napoleon. I have heard people say it was about a king. A lot of people say its about anyone who had everything. And how they lost it and everyone who was their friend aren’t their friends anymore etc.

I think its a rather virtous song for modern radio. Weither he’s talking about the fall of Napoleian or an normal avreage human it speaks volumes to the fact that in the end we will die and answer to God. And that, those with power better becareful beucase they will answer to all those whom they served, too.

Spot on there purplesunshine…and besides anything else, it is a great song too!

Parachutes is the only solid Coldplay album. Some of A Rush of Blood to the Head is decent. Most of their tunes are watered-down stadium rock for the masses. They’re a poor man’s Radiohead, if you will. Listen to Radiohead if you want the best. Start with The Bends, then move to OK Computer and Kid A. Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief, and In Rainbows have some fantastic songs, but the first three albums that I mentioned are part of a holy trio.

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