Vladimir Nabokov

I think that Nabokov was undoubtedly one of the best American writers of all time. His prose is astounding, and his ability to craft a story is amongst the best the world has seen. Pale Fire is the work of a genius, and Lolita is a undeniable classic. I’m not an outwardly emotional person, but when I read the last paragraph of Lolita, I teared up and sat on my bed for a while just thinking about the whole novel. What are your favorite works of his? What do you think of the author in general?

I had a similar encounter with “Lolita.” I think Nabokov’s greatest skill was to create a story that draws one in to the extent that the reader begins to experience actual nostalgia for a time/place/experience that is wholly outside of the reader’s time/place/experience.

My favorite so far, though is “Ada or Ardor.” In that book, I suppose to prove to us that he doesn’t take himself as seriously as he might think we do, he includes a somewhat tongue-in-cheek “glossary” for the French and Russian terms bandied about throughout the book.

Pretty brave to post this on a Catholic site!:wink:

Hello, fellow Pittsburgher. Thank you for the response. “Ada or Ardor” is actually high up on my to-read list; you are making me anticipate it even more.

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