VMA satan worship and West being rude

So Jack Black just led everyone at the MTV video music awards in a prayer to Satan. I’m sure it was a joke, but I still think it was kind of pushing it…
especially as it looked like quite a few people complied…

aaaaand as Taylor Swift was thanking the audience for her hard-earned “Best Female Video” award, Kanye West jumped up on stage, stole her microphone from her, and started shouting that Beyonce’s video was one of the greatest videos of all time, (implying that she should have won over Swift) then handed Swift back the microphone. She seriously looked like she was about to break down.

Ah yes–sometimes I wonder why things happen like this. Though the incident with Kayne–I would think it might be staged (haven’t seen it so I wouldn’t know).

I was also really disturbed by the prayer to the “dark lord”. I heard rumors online that Black is actually a devil worshiper, if he’s not, he’s paying a heavy price for a few laughs. Add to that bizarre episode the two-headed dog in red/black…reminds me of Cerbus, who guards the entrance to Hades. And what was Gaga’s bloody scene all about? The whole thing creeped me out! If this is a reflection of our culture…I want out.

According to all the news outlets, the incident was most definitely not staged…

This was most probably the most rude and disgusting outburst I’ve ever seen on an award show. Even if he disagreed with the results and thought someone else was more deserving, this was NOT the way to go about expressing it! From everything I’ve ever heard about her, Taylor Swift may be just about the nicest person and one of the best role models in the entire music industry. So Taylor, a teenager, goes on stage to receive her very first Video Music Award, and is clearly shocked and dumbfounded that she’s won, and looks incredibly excited, until Kanye steals her microphone and “just has to say” that Beyonce’s video was actually the best video of the year, maybe the greatest ever… and leaves Taylor standing there dumbfounded, out of time to continue her speech, and humiliated almost to the point of tears. The crowd eventually booed Kanye off the stage and gave Taylor a huge standing ovation, and Beyonce, in a very classy move, gave Taylor her speech time when she won an award later in the night. Thankfully, Kanye either left the event immediately afterward, or he was kicked out (depending on various reports). Either way, it’ll be amazing if Kanye’s career survives this. I think every parent on the planet wanted to give Kanye a piece of their mind tonight, since it was so easy to picture that being their own child up there… although according to reports, Swift’s mom did at least get the opportunity to give him a good tongue lashing. :thumbsup:

I think Kanye West could use our prayers, since he clearly has some serious issues going on…

Jack Black and Kanye West. You merely need to consider the sources.

Jack Black defines ‘irrelevant’ and Kanye West should not be allowed on television anywhere.

This seems to have been the week that was for public rudeness:

A Representative yelling “You Lie!” at the President during a speech.
Serena Williams going off on a ref (though she doesn’t have a history of this far as I know)
Michael Jackson’s speech at his NBA Hall of Fame induction.
And now Kanye (“George Bush hates Black people”) West at the VMA.

Here’s a clue, folks, if you’re just bursting to express yourself – DON’T!! Do not “share” your feelings. Nobody needs them they have their own.

So those rumors about Michael Jackson faking his death were true?

(Sorry, Didymus, couldn’t resist! ;))


Would you believe early Alzheimer’s? I meant Michael Jordan.

And this is why my parents forbid MTV when I was a teenager. :thumbsup:

But did you hear how beyonce, in accepting her award for ‘single ladies’ gave her speech time to taylor swift? I thought that was sweet.

MTV and VH1 type channels are blocked on our TV. :thumbsup:

I am so out of touch, I have no clue who any of these people are. But hearing about this makes me have a lot of respect for Beyonce. :slight_smile:

Then you must be too young to recall Charlie Rich’s response to John Denver winning the country music Entertainer of the Year award (back in 1970-something). When Charlie was supposed to announce “And the Entertainer of the Year is…”, he opened the envelope, read the name silently, and announced “You don’t want to know!” Then he proceeded to take out a cigarette lighter and set the envelope on fire… on live television.

So what happened last night, sadly enough, is nothing new.

Oh, and Kanye supposedly apologized the next day, on Twitter or something like that. I think Miss Swift deserves a better apology than that. Kudos to Beyonce for a class act. And if I were any artist who had any self-respect, I would give the VMA a wide berth in the future. Incidents like this are not rare for this award show, as they thrive on it.

Yep, I’m too young to remember that, although it does sound equally as disgusting. (I did say it was the worst that I’d ever seen lol)

Yeah i saw the apology, but honestly it looked like he threw it up there in a “better do this” kind of mood. It was pretty much “Taylor is so talented and i feel bad, but come on, what else was I to do, i had to speak my mind” (my own words on what i felt the message was, not actually quoting kanye)

HAHAHA that was so funny! He was pushing it? He is still pushing your religion and beliefs by talking about Satan, instead of other religion’s evil do-ers. Jack Black is the man…you can’t deny it. Hailing Satan on TV…:thumbsup:

PS: He is promoting a new video game that is coming out. It’s gonna be siiiick


At least that shows some class. Class <> Kanye West



Pushing our religion’s evil doer is not the same as pushing our religion.

And I’m a huge fan of comedy and comedians, but Jack Black is faaaar from being “the man”. His jokes really aren’t anything. He just does stupid stuff. He’s like the Will Ferrel of Dungeons and Dragons.

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