Vocation after abortion

While this emerging charism iincludes all categories (virgin, penitent, widow, annulled), it will also be open to post-abortive women. (If men are interested, please let us know)

Sisters of the Holy Ininnocents & St Gianna:Molla: cloisters.tripod.com/holyinnocents/

What postion is this exactly

beg your pardon. i am not understanding your question. unless you mean the ‘emerging’ part

an emerging charism means the group has adherents and is in the process of developing their plan of life


This emerging community will follow the Rule of St Augustine in the Dominican tradition. The habit will eventually be like that of the St Cecilia Dominicans, except cranberry, which is representative of their consecration to the Holy Ghost and the Holy Iinnocents.

How many of these many emerging communities that you have proposed have ever actually materialized? How many actual Sisters have professed vows or promises in your emerging communities?

Two have formed the lay association with the intention of becoming an institute of religious life. Now they have the task of writing their constitutions, then living together.

when they are ready they will ask the bishop to recognize them.

none of our groups have professed members. Too soon.



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