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I just started attending a church and the RCIA program. I mentioned an interest in consecrated virginity to a lot of people, however, it’s been taken as if I am to become a nun. One of those people who took it that way was a deacon. Even though im hesitant to accept such a calling could that mean that this individual has received insight on the matter that I have not? I’m introduced as the girl interested in joining a convent, and it seems that it makes perfect sense if not about settled other than where to go. Is this an aspect of the call? I do recall one church member telling me anything that your passionate about will be hard…it would mean leaving my family who wont approve as they are not Christian and have had poor experiences with Christians.


No. One: Most religious orders would not accept you for at least 2 or more years anyway.
No. Two: Give it time and all things will sort itself out.
No. Three: You can be a concentrated virgin without entering a convent.
No. Four: It is good that you want to know about your path to conversion. Ask lots of questions.

If the call ever comes to you would need to discuss it with a priest/spiritual director anyway.

You have my prayers and well wishes in all you do.


Start working on making God’s plan for your life your own. Get to know your new church, and the chaff will start to fall off, revealing where you’re supposed to be.

You could research Consecrated Virgins and educate the rest of the group about this specific vocation that is meant to be lived in the midst of society.

Some convents consecrate their virgins. I think either Colwich or Stanbrook Abbey in the UK still do so.

Here is our site. See if anything on it appeals to you: cloisters.tripod.com/



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