Vocation Anxiety

Hi everyone, I’m relatively new on here so a brief description of who I am:

My name is Peter, I’m 19 years old and live in London. I was brought up a catholic as part of the Neocatechumenal Way which I strayed from often but have recently found my own place as a catholic and started to grow in faith :slight_smile:

Anyway, previously I was in an un-christian, shall we say, relationship in which I failed to remain chaste, mostly because I wasn’t that into the catholic faith but also as a sort of rebellion against what my parents wanted for me.

So that ended around this time last year, in the summer of 2012 I met a beautiful Italian at church who I had met 3 years prior and I knew immediately that I wanted to be with her. I tried everything to get with her but she kept giving me the same answer “I just see you as a friend” ! hahahah It was hard but I prayed a lot and God gave me patience and perseverance to really go for it as I wanted this girl not at all just for the physical attraction I had to her, but because I knew she was a serious catholic and so we would be able to have a true relationship together.

Long story short, I eventually began opening up and showing her my true colors after which she finally succumbed to my attempts and after ‘courting’ since last year July, we finally got officially together on the 23th of November :slight_smile:

OK Now to the point at hand, everything has been great with her, we’ve been praying together and really growing in love and faith together. It’s almost been too good to be true but very recently I’ve started getting very anxious and worried about many things in my life such as my future etc. Another thing that I worry is whether I’m being open to God. Sometimes I get scared that if I fully give myself to God in faith that he may call me to a vocation which I don’t want. I feel that I should get married but really can’t shake all these anxious thoughts about ‘maybe this’ or ‘maybe that’ …

Sorry for the extra long post I just really need a word of consolation/support that may help me. Maybe I’m just worrying too much (As my girlfriend often says) and I probably should trust God more but I’m afraid…

God will not call you to do something you are not capable of doing.

‘Opening up’ to God will do you no harm at all.

Do not be afraid.

Love your sweetheart as she is made in the image of the Lord. Express your love of God through loving her. Abandon your worries.

Peace be with you.


Everyone worries. Don’t worry about it.

But this is something you should talk to someone about. A priest or a Spiritual Director would be a good person. Your girlfriend would be a good person.

We, the forum, could encourage you, or we could discourage you, but we don’t know the will of God. We don’t know what you are called to. But God speaks to you though the word, though the Mass, though your presence at adoration through the words of a priest or a friend. Sometimes interpreting what God says can be hard, but you have given us no word of the Lord to interpret. Someone who knows you and knows her would be the best person to talk to.

Ha ha thought this was about a priestly calling at first…
I would recommend just telling him you’re afraid, and coming to Him at least once daily. “Lord, I’m afraid of this, I’m afraid of that, but I chose to trust in you anyways.” Something along the lines of that, in your own words. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thankyou so much, this is a very encouraging reply and really gave me hope!

Thanks, I do talk to my girlfriend about this, I guess a priest would be a good idea too!

hahaha Not quite! But thanks, just have to submit my trust to Christ I suppose :slight_smile:

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