Vocation book for 12-year-old girl?


I'm getting a present for a girl about to get confirmation, and it hit me that what would be perfect would be a general introduction to spiritual discernment. Because she has three younger brothers, and the intent is to give the family a resource that everyone can use, something which includes a section on the priesthood is fine, but because she's a girl I need a book which includes more broad discussions of vocations, i.e. married vs. religious vs. single.

She's 12 years old, but a smart 12. Whether or not she reads it now, it should be at least motivate her to thinking about vocations. I'm principally worried about wishy-washy stuff with all the substance of cotton candy as much as explicit outright silliness like discussions of "women priests." There are Protestant resources out there, of course, but even works not explicitly anti-Catholic leave some of the residual venom around.

Anyone know of any good, solid book like this?


I would personally get her a Catholic teen bible instead and a copy of you cat (a teen catechism which is really easy to read and understand). She is a bit young for vocations and considering her age, both books will provide her with a good background in which she'll be able develop her faith and get some of her questions answered. That way as she learns, she can also share her knowledge with her family as well. You can always tell her if she has any questions, she can always speak with you.

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn (Author)

*A few good teen bibles are *

Prove It! Catholic Teen Bible-NABRE
(Paperback)♥ Add to Wishlist
by Amy Welborn

Ask the Bible Geek: Answers to Questions from Catholic Teens [Paperback]
Mark Hart (Author)

Live - Nrsv Catholic Edition: Youth Bible, Catholic Edition [Paperback]
Harper Bibles (Author)

*Youcat website *

Youcat link



I think at this point, while you still could get her something like what you are suggesting ( I'm sorry I don't know any resources for you:( ) I think, knowing nothing about her, she will probably get more out of a person explaining to her, than by reading a book. The book will definitely be useful in the future though, and it can't hurt to get it for her now.
Great thought! People need that type of thing nowadays. The world is so backwards. So, :thumbsup: and God Bless!


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