Vocation Director Question


What all does a Vocations Director do for one discerning the priesthood ?


Dear John,

I can't answer your question specifically about discerning the priesthood but generally speaking vocation directors have the job of helping you find your vocation. Any "good" vocation director will have as their goal, not getting vocations for their diocese or community, but helping those who come to them discover what great plan it is that God has in store for them.

I think each person has a different relationship with a vocation director because they have different experiences of God, life, studies, relationships, etc. All of these are ways in which God calls and speaks to us and the job of the vocation director is to be a resource on the way and an intermediary between the institute or diocese and the discerner.

I hope there are some men on here who can provide more specific information in discerning the priesthood. Many blessings on your discernment!


One thing to keep in mind is that often the person listed as a Diocese’s ‘Vocation Director’ is actually the Director of Priestly Vocations, so it would be his job to help men discerning a vocation to the diocesan Priesthood. Such a person would probably be able to refer you to a different individual for different vocations, but he wouldn’t handle it himself.


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