Vocation discerning is hard

Yup I said it! It's really, really hard.

About a year ago I was really fearful of my vocation whatever it may be. I got over that through lots of prayer. Now, I am totally open to whatever God wants me to do. Priest, religious, marriage, single. He just needs to tell me which one! I just can't figure it out man :shrug:

I like kids, I like teaching Catechism to kids, I would like to be a father of a large family, I would like to be a husband.

but I also love God, want to serve God, want to bring people to Christ, want to give up my life for Him, want to challenge myself in the most radical way possible.

God only knows which of these will bring Him greater glory and save my soul and those around me. I hope one day I can find out :o

Think of it not as discernment but pre-discernment. Think about what you feel drawn to the most, sit in Adoration three days in a row, or if not then three times with a notebook and paper and write what the pros and cons of marriage, priesthood, and religious life are and go after the one where you feel has the most pros compared to cons. This may not be your vocation but try it out. If you feel the priesthood then apply for seminary and stay there for at least a year for the formation. I promise it won't be a lost year and you will then be actively discerning your vocation and if you are called to another vocation you will be better prepared for it. Pray, pray, and pray! Don't stress about your vocation, just stay open and God will guide you. God bless

No, don’t do that. First, because it will drive you crazy trying to figure out which one is “best”, and you’ll second guess yourself a lot. Second, because you’re trying to compare things that are intrinsically intangible.

Adoration is good, but the timeline is too short. As a priest explained to me, if you get a feeling all of the sudden, then it can disappear just as suddenly. Changes that happen gradually over a period of time on the other hand tend to stick; they’re (mentally) habit forming essentially. God is going to wait you out.

Get a spiritual director. Get a spiritual director. It’s good advice that deserves repeating. Someone you can ask questions to or just ask “I don’t know what to do”.

Thanks for the replies so far :smiley:

I won’t be making a pro’s and con’s list. I don’t think it’s appropriate. Perhaps if this was some small thing not related to God I might, but this is something different.

Anyway, I do all the things I am supposed to, I pray the Rosary everyday, pray as I get up, the Angelus, Divine Mercy, spend 15-20 minutes reading scripture, Adoration once a week, Mass as much as possible, confession when I need it, etc. I don’t have a spiritual director simply because where I live Priests are not entirely orthodox, are over-stretched in terms of time and people, and aren’t all that concerned with vocations. In any case, I wouldn’t be attending seminary here in my country so I suppose I am not going to be a diocesan Priest. I am attracted mainly to the FSSP.

Yeah actually does anyone know how to overcome the “fear” of telling others the feeling of having a vocation (especially when they don’t expect it)?

Does a spiritual director need to be a priest? Honestly I wouldn't know where to find a spiritual director either. The Catholics I know aren't terribly concerned with vocation and they seem to sneer at things I hold dear, which, quite frankly, upsets me sometimes. ):

Personally I'm waiting to even consider a spiritual director until I've learned to trust my fellow Christians but my first question is the point of this post! Does a spiritual director need to be a priest? Couldn't you find someone else you trust who could help guide you?

Many religious sisters and brothers also offer spiritual direction, and I’ve met very good directors who were secular people, neither religious or priests.

There are also courses in spiritual direction offered at some Catholic institutions, and students may be able to take on some clients under supervision.

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