Vocation discernment


I have discerning vocation to priesthood, for the last 16 months, I feel God invites me to serve where there is shortage of priest at the moment. Can you please tell me which diocese is accepting seminarians from Asia India.


Praying for you. God bless.


The Diocese of Charlotte, NC, has a two-year residency requirement. You’d have to discuss such an issue with our Chancery. We have one priest taking care of a 1500 family parish, and the Sunday evening Mass is now bilingual in English & Spanish (beautiful experience, though!). The Latin Mass was cut out all together due to the shortage of the priest’s time.

We also had to sit for 20 minutes awaiting a priest from the city where I reside to go to Greensboro and take the priest’s place. That priest had been called out on an Hispanic emergency on the other side of the diocese.

Here is our diocesan website: charlottediocese.org/



The Diocese of Buffalo certainly has its fair share of priests from around the world. We currently have Nigeria and the Philippines represented in the seminary, and we also have quite a large group of priests from Poland.

I would contact a vocations director for a definitive answer.:thumbsup:


Many thanks for your prayers. I would like to know which diocese is accepting seminarians from Asia India. I would like to serve God’s people where there is a greater need of priests.
Thank you.


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