Vocation in college?

Hello Catholics,

I’m here primarily to find out if there are others like me who felt called to the priesthood late in college? I’ll be graduating in May 2011 God willing and as I think about my future and how life will be after college, I’ve seriously thought about joining FSSP in the Fall of 2011. The problem I have is that I’ve only have thought about this within the last year so when I graduate it will be about 2 years that the priesthood has been on my mind…before I had never thought about it. Is that bad? Is that a sign that it was never what God intended? I don’t know but I’ve felt the calling later in life and I know if I tell my friends or family they will act as if I’m acting out of the blue or that I’ve gone crazy or something. I can already picture my friends saying “that’s not you, I know you” and it really does bug me. I’m afraid that my sudden desire to be a priest may be reactionary and too soon but it’s how I truly feel as much of it deals with my maturing Faith while in college. If anyone can just help me out with my discernment in someway I would appreciate it. Will be talking to my priest this week :slight_smile:

Talking to your priest is a good idea. Finding a spiritual director who can accompany you on your journey is also a good idea. And considering a vocation at the end of your college years is certainly not leaving it too late! I didn’t get the call until my 40s.

As far as the reactions of other people go, I found that my friends and family were less surprised about the possibility of my entering religious life than I was - other people often see things about us that we don’t.

Prayers and best wishes to you in your discernment.

God Bless You! I think that your discernment at a “later” time in your college career is perfect! You have had time to mature and to experience making tough decisions in your life. I have several friends who entered the seminary system in high school, went all the way through the university and the seminary, and at the final retreat before their ordination, decided they had to leave. I will pray for the Holy Spirit to show you the way!:slight_smile:

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