Vocation - Let go, let God?


I feel a great desire to be married, but it is not easy these days to meet a ‘normal’ guy. It’s not easy for me to really like someone. Anyway, my struggle is getting even more difficult now that one of my friends who I usually go out with and actually get opportunities to meet people has told me she doesn’t think she wants to go out anymore. I have to respect her decision, but I only have her and anther close friend who is my same age and single, but she barely likes to go out. I’m trying desperately to find a single catholic girl friend who would like to go out. I met my friend who recently told me she doesn’t want to go out anymore from an online dating site, because at the point in my life I was desperate for a friend to go out with. We had a good connection and I’m happy that we became friends. I went back on the same dating site trying to find a new friend, (not a guy to date, because not interested in any of those guys). I feel like I might be trying too hard, but I don’t know what else to do. I want to meet a guy, and I have the most opportunity when I go out (from my experience).

Should I stop trying and ‘let go, let God’, or is it good that I’m trying?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with trying… I think that is good to try, but it can be good to not try as well. Both are fine.

I know people who have said… love will find you when you are not looking for it. But of course that’s not always true, but it can be true.

My godmother didn’t truly get married until she was thirty-four… she tried, dating various men. but she didn’t worry herself about it, she prayed… “God, if you want me to get married, he will be perfect because YOU chose him…even if he is fat. And you will choose him at the right time.” She didn’t date all the time or really look around for anyone all the time, but she did take the initiative every now and then to go on a date… and she ended up marrying, she says, a very good man. Yes my godfather is very nice indeed.

Keep trying, and don’t assume anything must happen soon, or that it must happen later. If it happens, it will happen when it happens and no sooner. :slight_smile:

In short, let God do His thing whether you are searching or not. You never know what will happen… who you may encounter… peculiar circumstances.


Couldn’t have said it better! :thumbsup:


Do you earnestly pray for this? Is it the right time?

What is God telling you in your prayers about this?

what we can do in a decade with our mere efforts, God can do in a day. I mean nothing is impossible with God. Approach Him first…and He will do the rest…but listen to Him. I am a person who’s discerning a religious calling. I am also very into getting there…but I learned that unless He permits and wills it, nothing will happen no matter how much I try. He is the Lord…so it’s better to cooperate and submit our desires to Him. He knows better…I am not closed to the married life. On the contrary, I have one Christian guy that I have prayed for more three years now. I believe that if God didnt wish me to be a nun, he would give me this man…:slight_smile: and I pray for Him…He is a man after God’s heart.


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