Vocation Novena?


Hello all.
I am trying to discern what my vocation might be.
Until recently I wasn’t really concerned what it might be and just decided God would let me know when He was ready. I am only 20 but now I am feeling a little anxious. I am open to the priesthood but I am not feeling drawn to it or any other religious order for that matter. I am also open to the idea of the married life. So I thought maybe you guys could help me. I want to try a novena to try to figure out what my future state in life will be. Any suggestions would be welcome.


I have heard of people praying to St. Joseph for employment issues. Perhaps you could try him.


I don't know any vocation novenas. But praying about vocation is the perfect time to build up your relationship with God. Ask Him what He wants you to pray. I'm sure He'll show you just the right prayer/novena just for you and Him.


weekly Adoration would help too


Thank you for the suggestions. I am able to attend adoration at the very least every other week but usually I am there more frequently. So far I haven’t really felt anything definitive.
Sometimes I have a tendency to start leaning toward the priesthood then something seems to sway me the other way and vice versa. Right now it just seems to be a one sided conversation with me and God, and I’m doing the talking or asking in this case. I guess I just have to try to stay neutral and prepare myself for whatever I may eventually be called to. I just get a little frustrated when hearing about guys younger than me who know what their calling is and only have to wait till their older to fulfill their vocation, while I still have no clue as to what I should be. :shrug::confused::confused::confused:


Perhaps the 54–day Rosary Novena. Three novenas for the intention, and three novenas in thanksgiving. It's said to be particularly efficacious.


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I have heard of people praying to St. Joseph for employment issues. Perhaps you could try him.




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