Vocation of Prophet


In my opinion, this is the toughest one out of the entire lot, Jesus himself told us that a prophet has no honor among his friends and family in his own home town and country. Why is that, it's because you are taken hold of from God himself, even if it's just briefly and you speak the words he tells you to speak, from his mouth, through you to the ears of those most of which do not want to hear it. The people look to you and think, it's this man, this weak person that they know all of their history about talking to you, and shun what you have to say, but do not realize it's God himself that is doing the speaking...

It holds no office, has no special attire, does not make you separate and apart to be respected, you can be married, single, divorced, or what have you, but being a prophet does not distinguish you to any other man in any way, outside of the fact, on occasion God speaks through you. We have many prophets these days, we also have many false prophets, the latter clearly speak in Godly tones and words, but are not speaking the truth, they speak from their own ego's to fool the masses, the true ones, they speak not with any foresight, it just comes out through the spirit of the Lord.

Rarely, very, very rarely does a prophesy entail talking about the future, not to say it never comes about, yet in most cases, it's simply speaking the truth to what exists, more for clarity and most of the times brutally and against the flow of society, this is what defines the process, prophets are NOT fortune tellers, they do not speak about the future frivolously when they do, and it's very easy to discern the message along those that do speak about the future, if they are being genuine or not.

There are many here that have filled the roll of Prophet, some in larger degrees then others, from what I'm seeing in life and at CAF. If you feel called to become one, do not show restraint upon the matter, if the Lord is compelling you to speak out and speak up in spite of the opposition, then do not stand in his way, yet make very sure you are doing so in his name, not in your own ego's before you do so...


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