Vocation process

I am in a discernment and still a bit confused over the process of becoming a priest.

in that i understand one starts with a spiritual director, and from there moves to a vocational director, if i understand correctly vocational directors are appointed to a dioceses, and one would contact their diocese to get contact information to that V.D and move forward from there… is that much correct or does one choose their V.D ?

also I understand the Vocation Director to also be one to help in discerning, possibly consider that it is another step in discerning, but i guess my question is how long does one discern with a vocational director, i suspect there is no real time line but at some point either the V.D or the person in discernment should say that it is time to move forward and enter into a seminary, so i guess what i am asking is who brings that subject up first ?

also i am bit unsure if a Vocational Director is a priest or bishop ?

or both ? I think i understand correctly that once in a seminary that one still has a spiritual director but it is someone at the particular seminary itself.

so once the V.D and the person in discernment comes to the conclusion that he is being called to the priesthood, i would suspect at that point, the V.D helps with the application process into a seminary that is in that diocese ?

at some point in discernment i have to conclude if I am really being called or not to become a priest, I have felt a swing in that my thoughts were going between the brotherhood and priesthood, and now i am more focused on the priesthood…

i have a ways to go before i am 100% certain on anything, but i feel as if i am getting closer, and i have only met with a Spiritual Director once, and am in the process of finding another one, my next question is if I am certain I am being called, do i bypass a Spiritual Director, and approach a V.D and make it known that I want to become a priest, or merely that i am interested , how does that first discussion go ? I am not asking what to specifically say, but am searching for a general idea on how to convey what is going on within me and also to get a general idea of what to expect.

I wish that there was a bit more structure to discerning, once one enters into a seminary you have a set time frame on when one should be expected to graduate, and the discernment process still continues until one comes to the point of having to accept final vows and being ordained. and even then the discernment doesnt end persay.

outside of the seminary there is no real time frame, I havent found any suggestions that states one should spend so much with a Spiritual Director, and then progress to a Vocational Director and spend so much time with that person, and then the application process starts and you move forward.

so that is my confusion…

where as

with the brotherhood, there is still the discernment process but there are different lengths of time varying upon which one a person enters into , some i have seen offer a 30 day guest program, which transfers to a novice stage, and progesses from there, again i realize it varies, i am merely comparing the process with the priesthood and brotherhood.

In my diocese, the Vocational Director is a priest. The VD is the one to ask all of your questions to. This is precisely his job, to walk discerning men and women through the process from beginning to end. He will know the answers as it applies to your particular situation in your particular parish. Start with him.

oops, I meant to say, “in your particular situation and in your particular DIOCESE”.

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