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Does anyone know any good resources for me to learn about the basics about different vocations. I had made the decision that in 2 years if I still want to take up a vocation I would talk to my priest (My church is small so he is pretty much everything at our church. Priest, bookkeeper, Vocation director, Groundskeeper). The closest vocation I have seen that I could see God calling me to is either the Fransiscans or the Priesthood. I know there are alot of different orders so I want to educate myself.

Please click the first link under my moniker. While the Ministry is mainly for the promotion of the cloisters, I also have a page on there that explains the different Vocations.

The Institute on Religious Life would also be a good resource.

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Your diocese should have a Director of Vocations, and is likely the best source of information and assistance in sorting through what is a really wide variety of opportunities. A call to the diocese should get you started.


Yep, check out your Diocese office of Vocations. They have information on the Orders who operate in your Diocese as well as for Secular Priests. The Vocations Office will tell you if you need to wait two years to seriously discern.


Ditto what @otjm and @TheLittleLady both said. Was in a hurry and didn’t get to post the same.

Here is the link for the Institute on Religious Life: https://religiouslife.com/

I want to thank you all for these helpful answers.

@TheLittleLady. Thank you for the advice. The reasons I chose 2 years is because I’m in school. I’d like to graduate first and it will give me time to figure out if religious life is where I’m being called. Once the craziness in my has calmed down I’ll work on discussing vocations further with my religious formation teachers and priest (Our diocese is going through some changes… RCIA is in a word interesting here but I like the continued support)

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