Vocation to Franciscan life


I am so confused right now. I do not know what God is calling me to right now... All my prayers and other people's prayers and i still have no idea.

I do not know really if i am called to the Franciscan life style, i can not find out what they expect from potential friars.

Sure i am a little young 15 to be precise, but all my life i have been a very enthusiastic Catholic, and when i pray i feel a tingle go through my entire body, and my eyes tear up.

I dont know if this is natural or what, but iv always found that living simply, and helping the lesser people in need always gave me happiness. I just dont know!!! and its infuriating, you know.

So if there are any priests, or brothers out there who can give me a hand that would be great,
and if not thanks for taking your time reading this.

God bless, and keep you.


What is about the Franciscan lifestyle that appeals to you??? I am a novitiate in the Secular Franciscan Order have been around the Franciscan lifestyle for quite some time. My great-aunt was Franciscan nun and I was taught by a Franciscan nun. Overtime I developed the Franciscan Spirituality that allowed me to recognize my own calling the Secular Franciscan Order. Have been drawn to St. Francis of Assisi and most recently Padre Pio, I have a great calling. JReducation is professed and he will be able to give more advice to you. As Franciscans we practice Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. With a lot of emphasis on Poverty


Discerning a vocation can take years. It can be a heart-wrenching experience. Investigate the Franciscans through your Archdiocese. Read into the order. Make a visit. Speak with a few secular Brothers, some of whom are members at CAF. Go and spend time with our Lord at Adoration. Get to know Him and speak to him in silence. Do not be confused, but simply allow God to inform you in His own time.

Christ’s peace be with you.


thanks for your replies.

As for the things i like about the Franciscans, is well all of it i have come to understand about them. i like the constant manuel labor, penance and poerty. Their constant faith in the lord, and their dedication to making this world better for the faith.

I like how they have a bond of brother hood between them, something i have searched for and even tried to build up my self. The closest thing i have found to the Franciscan brotherhood is on my Football team.

I want to find a place where there are people around you that support your chase of poverty, of fasting, of finding the lord. Every where iv looked all i have found hinderance and crazy/concerned looks.

Thanks for all of your help. again


Give a shout out to the Franciscan Brothers here on CAF. You might just receive the advice of a lifetime.


It is great you are doing such wonderful things at your age. The best thing you can do right now is to find someone to be your spiritual director. If you feel you have a Franciscan calling and you have Franciscan Brothers in the area - you should see if one of them can offer you that direction. God bless you and good luck.


I agree with others in this thread to pray, go to adoration and seek a spiritual director. These things are important to helping develop a your Spirituality in Franciscan Life or other vocational life


im having a hard time getting connected with a Franciscans. Could you guys list some that are on here. I would contact the Brothers of the Renewal in NY but i dont want to bug them.

So could you guys give me a list?



I hope you find your vocation. I would be careful about those tingles though. Sanctity comes with spiritual dryness so just don’t let it get you down when that tingle goes away.


I know JReducation is one that roams around here often and Melchesidechpio, who responded to this post is one too.


Here is the website for the NAFRA-SFO - you will also find the link for the Franciscan Youth/Young Adult programs -



Here is a vocations video for the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. I love the Franciscans and hold a special place in my heart for them. I was born on Saint Francis of Assisi's feast day and have always loved their charism. I didnt mean to sound mean in my last post...if I came off that way I'm sorry. Its just so many people chace feelings and when the dryness comes they leave either the faith or their devotions. Read a Dark Night of the Soul by Saint John of the Cross he will explain what the souls go through and the journey God takes them through.

Anyway God bless and here is that link for the video.



Here is another vocation video for the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Part One


Part Two



I can really relate to your situation. I felt the call at 16 and the only thing i wanted to be was a capuchin franciscan. I fell in love with Saint Francis of Assisi and his love for the poor and his love for God. I ended up visiting a capuchin friary and it was everything i expected to be. The Brothers there were great and I love them very much but for some reason i didnt feel i belong there. I felt really bad after because i really wanted to be a follower of Francis but the lifestyle was not meant for me. I soon realize that the Lord probelly wants me to be a Diocesan priest. After talking to Diocesans i realize that this is where i belong and i am glad that God has lead me here. The Diocesan priesthood is what i want to do now and I just finished up my interviews and just waiting for a responce from the diocese to enter after high school. It is important to realize that God’s will comes before ours and we must follow it. God is full of surprises!:thumbsup:

I think the best thing to do for you is to contact your vocation director now! If you dont know who he is then just contact your parish priest right away and discuss this with him. If you know what type of Franciscan order/community you would like to know some info just contact them. Most communities have websites so just look them up.

You are in my prayers!


Thanks for all your support, I will pray that the Diocese will grant you your dream of Priest hood.


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