Vocation to Marriage?


I am trying to figure out if God is calling me to marriage. I have a deep desire to get married and to have a family.Its a very deep desire of mine. However, sometimes I feel guilty for thinking this. Furthermore, after discerning Religious Life, I have realized that I would find it very difficult for me to live religious vows. I don’t feel called. I am just very confused as to how to recognize God’s voice. And, aside from how I feel or think about he matter, I have thousands of dollars in student debt and I deal with food allergies, anxiety and unpredictable bought of depression. Nevertheless, sometimes I feel so guilty for not wanting to be a nun. I just don’t know what to think anymore.I don’t want to be a religious sister and the logistics don’t really work out (outside of a miracle). Could Satan be trying to mess with my brain? :confused:

ps. I don’t have a spiritual director because I can’t find one around my area.


The Sacrament of Marriage is beautiful, dignified, and holy institution. You shouldn’t feel guilty for aspiring to it.

Discernment is about finding out where on doesn’t belong just as much as discovering where one does. Learning that you don’t have a call to consecrated life isn’t a failure on your part. In fact, it’s a victory of discernment! You’re one step closer to finding out your vocation. Rejoice!

I pray that you may experience God’s peace and wisdom as you continue to discern his will.


You don’t need to feel guilty for not desiring to be a nun, Annie. God speaks to us, in part, through our desires. If you don’t find religious life attractive, then you’re obviously not called to that vocation. He has something else in mind for you. There is one vocation we all have though:

To love God with all our might and to seek Him out. Married, Single, Religious…all are called to love God and serve Him. All 3 stations in life are valid and beautiful. He has a plan for you. Trust in him. Pray everyday of your life. :signofcross:


Most good Catholic women do not become nuns. It is a specific calling. Most girls find adoration of God in taking care of a family, loving a good man., and sharing the joys and sorrows of married life. This is a great and virtuous vocation in itself. In your heart of hearts you want a man and a family this is good and natural. Do not feel guilty of this very natural calling.


Like others said, you don’t have to feel guilty for this.

God has a plan for you. Keep praying. :slight_smile:



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