Vocation to priesthood and Matric Dance (Grade 12 prom)

So I’m planning on entering seminary next year and the Grade 12 prom is coming up. As you all know this is when you take a female partner with you. Is it a good idea for me to go, considering the temptation and sticky situations I could get myself in (I hope this doesn’t sound corny or ridiculous)

It’s not corny, at all.

Let me ask you: are you absolutely 100% sure, beyond a doubt, that you are entering a seminary next year? If you are sure, then I suggest not going. You need to prepare to be married to the Holy Mother Church, and resist the flesh.

Now, if you aren’t 100% sure, I suggest you invite someone - that special girl :stuck_out_tongue: - to the prom. That way, if you change your mind about entering a seminary, then you can certainly contemplate married life.

Also, just wondering, what seminary are you planning on entering? Most of the ones around here require an undergraduate college degree to enter (at least the priesthood, not brotherhood).

Good luck, friend, and God guide you!

Here in South Africa you can enter seminary straight after school. You get all the necessary qualifications during your time in the seminary. My application will be submitted soon and there is a fairly good chance I could get accepted.

Alright. If you think you’ll get accepted, then I suggest not going. You’re taking a new direction in life, and you will need all your willpower to help you along the way.

This is my humble opinion, however; others may give you more advice.

Good luck!

You’ll only get into as much trouble as you want to get into, my friend. :wink:

Seriously, though, if you think it will be too much temptation, then give it a pass.

However, if you want like to socialize with your classmates one last time in a non-academic, “grown up” environment, or just want a few hours of mindless fun, go. Ask a trusted female friend or neighbor or friend of one of your siblings - somebody who knows of your plans for the priesthood - to be your “date”. Plan to be home by 10 p.m. Decline any invitations for the after parties, which in my neck of the woods usually involve alcohol and hotel rooms. And be preapred to leave the dance if classmates’ behavior gets too out of hand.

I think if you really want to go and you trust yourself and your date enough to stay out of trouble, you should just go and have a good time.

YES It is a great time and also a time for testing.

Remember, you ARE NOT a priest and it willo take time. Since you will be attending college-seminary, I see NOTHING wrong with it.

God bless

Take a sister or cousin. Take your mother! I have had friends who have done so… it doesn’t have to be a romantic date. Enjoy this last lighthearted moment with your classmates.

There’s no rule that says you have to invite a romantic partner, and here in the States, many don’t.

Just my little opinion.

I suggest finding a trusted friend and go. Like others have said if you don’t trust yourself then don’t go, but I think it’s a great time to hang out with friends. My friends and I had an after party consisting of celebratory cigars and reminiscing about high school years. I’d say you’re in high school, make memories and enjoy your time with friends. In a responsible and non-sinful manner. It won’t be too long until you wish you could see them again.

Take a friend mate, it’s not inappropriate at all :slight_smile: What kind of sticky situations could you get into? If you know what is appropriate, if you know that you are chaste, you don’t need to worry about a thing. Sexual sin doesn’t just happen. Just don’t take someone who you’re attracted to and who might see it as more than just a friendly date. Easy peasy. I did that at my Matric dance.

Which seminary are you going to by the way? Good luck man :slight_smile:

It’s important to live and act according to your state in life. While I don’t recommend viewing a situation as an opportunity to test yourself (such a light view towards sin is never appropriate), I think that if a good catholic in your situation NOT planning on entering the priesthood can go to a dance without danger to his soul, then you should too. Your not a priest, or even a seminarian yet.

Keep in mind that once you do enter that your actions have to change. And what isn’t wrong now can be very wrong as a seminarian or priest.

Probably St John Vianney seminary

wondering what kind of school you go to where a dance can be that much of a temptation, but then, it has been years since chaperoned a HS dance so maybe I am out of the loop

I think its fine to go and have a good time! Its a celebration of time spent together with colleagues, you dont want to snub them. Just be honest with yourself and be yourself, you will have to deal with all kinds of social situations as a priest if you are going to pastor a community. just make sure your partner is fully aware that it is not a romantic date and there is no hope of a future romantic relationship so false hopes are not raised. Make sure you remain sober so that your judgement is not impaired and all should be well.

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