Hi Everyone. All of you have probably seen my posts lately. Anyways, I recently got a new priest at my parish. He is very into the youth group. I am not a very social person, I guess you could call me an introvert. I kind of regret not getting to know him, like the other kids. I think this would have helped me with my vocation. On another note, I have never really had a “strong” prayer life. Is it possible to find that you are called to religious life, so passionately, without ever having a real “strong” prayer life? Any examples of people you know of would be great. Thanks.

i’m sure it’s possible. people called to religious life come in all shapes and sizes. there’s no one mold fits all sort of mentality. perhaps you can still get to know your priest now?

Now would be a good time to start increasing your prayer life and reading some good spiritual books.

I too am feeling called to religious life. I never had much of a prayer life, but it is something that you want to do and make an effort I take slow steps like saying the our father everyday. Take it slowly then you’ll be praying a lot.

It’s never too late to get to know your priest! I suggest you give him a call or send him and email to set up a meeting. It could be to discuss your discernment, or just introduce yourself. It’s better if you do it as soon as possible, to prevent putting it off.

I’m also discerning the priesthood, and I just met with my priest for the first time to formally discuss it yesterday. It went great! We talked for about an hour and a half about it, and he even told me he would contact the vocation director of the diocese for me. I felt very at peace during and after the meeting.

I’m also a very introverted person, but it feels better just to get it over with. You won’t regret it!

As for your prayer life, he can talk to you about how to improve it. But if he doesn’t, I suggest you go on a retreat. Retreats really revitalize my prayer life, and I’m sure they’ll do the same for you. If you aren’t praying, you aren’t discerning!

God Bless!

There is still lots of time for you to get to know him. Don’t worry. Even if you are not too sociable, just approach him and tell him your honest feelings. He will listen and help you take it from there.

As for the prayer life, this is one of the things I was concerned about. About two years ago, I felt tugs toward a religious vocation, but I didn’t have the best prayer life. My best advice is just take baby steps toward expanding and deepening your spirituality. In two years, I have managed to say the Rosary usually everyday, and it really is comforting to know that Mary and the souls on Purgatory are praying for me.

I did tell a priest once I thought I had a religious vocation, and the first thing he told me was “You must have a good prayer life.” Obviously this is true, because if one becomes a priest, the Liturgy of the Hours is essential to daily life. But don’t stress yourself. You have a lot of time to discern and grow. Take baby steps. My best advice is pray the Memorare. It is a strong prayer.

Personally, I think I started with the Memorare everyday and it grew to the Rosary. But everyone is different. Just talk to your priest sometime, and trust in God above all!

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