Please is there anyone who can help. I have a friend who is HIV positive and she wants to become a nun. She is on drugs and doing very well. Any community of nuns who do accept such people?

Depends on the community. She may be better of in a secular institute or third order. She needs a spiritual director, too.


Praying for her.

Thank you for all for the respond re. my HIV positive friend. Please any suggestions or contact of such communities?

I am not familiar with how this works.
I read this and think: Okay, so this woman wants to give her life to God and she’s going to commit to chastity, but she’s not welcome because of a mistake she made at a time **before **she decided to make these commitments and become a nun.

This is genuine confusion. This doesn’t make sense to me, from what I know.

She is a very good friend of mine. She was raped by bandits when she was in school.

That’s awful! :frowning:

But what I was saying is, I don’t think her having HIV should even prevent her from becoming a Nun anyway. Regardless of the way she got it.

God bless you for taking care of your friend!

The second PM regarded a new group willing to work with her if she carries her med costs.

That’s the primary sticking point – the med costs. No prejudice against her and her condition.

Rejection is usually because the community can’t provide for the person.

She truly should take a look at what’s out there and follow her attractions. Also need to work on her relationship with God.


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