My question is about vocations.

I have often felt the pull to work with the church. Sometimes I am quite certain I gave up my calling because when I was younger I wanted children and family and even married a man who refused to have anything to do with my church.

I am now a single mother and lately have felt the calling more strongly. I have strayed at times but was always yanked back sometimes I would argue with God because I wanted something else but being away from him was always to much for me so I would throw up my hands and say alright take from me what you don’t want in my life and bang he did.

I have felt the need to be closer as the years have passed and imperfectly have tried to be obediant. I know that I have to waite till my children are grown but my question is would I even be excepted?? I know that I am doing what god wants me to do now its just I want to be closer.


Quite a few questions to be answered here:

  1. If you’re divorced, do you have an annulment?

  2. How old will you be when your children become independent?

  3. What are you feeling called to do? Can you participate somewhat as a lay person?

  4. Are you able to handle a celibate lifestyle?

  5. Do you have any other impediments? Is anyone dependent upon you other than your children? Do you have outstanding debts?

Religious communities will accept older women, but you have to do a lot of footwork and go knocking on doors. Expect to receive rejection more often than not.

And if all else fails, you can come talk to us–Cloister Outreach.


We are founding two orders at present: The Reparatrix Society of Our Lady of the Cloister: cloisters.tripod.com/cloisterites/ which will be cloistered,


the Congregation of Charity of the Miraculous Medal, Servants of the Poor: cloisters.tripod.com/charity/ which will be active.

We accept “mature” vocations, but please check with the other places first.



May I suggest a reading for you, to help you get through these years, and maybe away from the thought of organized vocation… for now.

The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood

I promise, you will love it!


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