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Hi guys...

I was/am a sweet guy just trying to make people happy and then I became a very tough guy... I had a very, very difficult upbringing but this made me mentally strong and confident in just doing what I want and ignoring what society thought of me... I feared nothing... I then found God after exploring love, wanting to do good, the meaning of everything and studying business which improved the rationality of my decisions... Now I am extremely unsure of what God wants me to do with my life...

OK, I know that people think lots of things for different reasons such as how their brains are formed and moulded by their environment and upbringing... so I basically ignore everything and I found the truth of Catholicism from evidence with no bias affecting my research... I also don't have the same lukewarm attitude towards God as other people do because that's just an attitude of a culture...

So I wonder how I find out what God wants me to do... This is totally different to how I found Catholicism in the first place... There is nowhere in the bible that says what Dylan is called to do in a factual/unbias way HAHA! So what do I do? I am a tough guy who makes decisions like an economist and not on any feeling... feeling distorts your decisions... human weakness is a great problem for us humans in finding the truth in Catholicism...

So how can I find the answer of what God wants of me? Prayer? I ignore all thoughts in my mind because I could be making them up for whatever reason or being influenced by what I've seen and putting two and two together! HAHA! So this is totally crazy...

The way that I found God was by going to make a Muslim woman happy ''for the craic'' because life was pointless as there was no such thing as pure love with passion before I turned to God so I wasn't interested in having a family - I'd dated normal girls and absolutely stunning girls who were rich but I had to be fake for them... So I gave the Muslim woman a shot and I was never happier with a woman... Then I found the truth as I didn't want to mislead Muslim children if there was a ''truth''... So then I dumped her as she wanted Muslim kids... So then I had an American girlfriend and I dumped her before about to meet her as she didn't respect chastity and I didn't want to have any kids with her because of that even though she was stunning and rich... So I have then struggled to find anyone with passion... I see a lot of people as emotionally weak so they struggle to be doing their best for God and having a heart burning with desire... I have now got a girlfriend but she's in Mexico and I'm in the UK... She's absolutely fantastic...

But what do I do? All I would like is an answer so that I can go 100mph for God in a particular direction... I don't mind what direction that is... but I can't find the answer because I am such a ''tough guy'' as I follow facts and not emotion for my decisions LOL I am flexible and just want to do good... My girlfriend? She struggles to find a good man even though she is so beautiful and rich... and fun... and loving... So I can be that ''rare'' man for her that she says or does God not want me to do that? Maybe I am rare because God wants me to be a priest... Maybe I am rare because people are not as into Catholicism as they were 30-60 years ago? I dunno. There is no way of knowing.

If I think of myself as a man who is a priest in church... I would have no way of knowing if God would want me to do that... If I was a husband to the Mexican girl I would have no idea that God would want me to do that, at least I'd be making her happy though? On the other hand, at least I'd be making the parish happy?

This is really ripping me apart... I can't function... I have no way of knowing what to do... So I am basically blocking everything out and focusing on the Mexican... So crazy...

Can anyone help me? There is no way of working this out like a research project LOL I am like terminator LOL How does God talk to a terminator? Maybe I should focus on having a loving family and then my kids can grow up as Catholics who are more in touch with God? Or maybe they will be forced to use information to be a Catholic rather than their heart? You see I think that the world is so crazy because people follow Islam, Hinduism, Pentecostalism, Buddhism, etc. from their heart so I ignore my heart... I think that it's flawed and gets people in the wrong places as we cannot all be correct in all of the various religions in the world :D So crazy... I just focus on doing good... that idea must be from a heart? Or maybe it's a calculative response to a free life with no purpose/meaning so I researched what I could do with my life? LOL

HELP?! Is this possible?

God bless :D



Well hello there Dylan, how are you?

My first advice to you is to Slow Down....
Now then. You have many ways at your disposal to examine your desire to a vocation and my first advice is for you to speak with your priest. Your local parish can give you a vocations guide as well and you can read up/study each of the orders.

Secondly: You might want to look into a secular order such as the Benedictines, the Carmelites, Franciscans, etc.... It may be there that you might be more comfortable.

The most important thing here is that you must pray and give it time. The discernment process in any order is pretty long and drawn out so this is not something that you will be able to "jump" into for obvious reasons. This is a life-long commitment and you should treat it accordingly.

Many blessings to you and know that you are in my prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bill K. :thumbsup:


Since your in the U.K if you wish to find out more about the Priesthood or Religious Life you might find it beneficial to attend the invocation event held in the Birmingham Archdiocese although you'd have to wait till next year.
But in the meantime just slow down and persevere in prayer.


Hi everyone :)

I just want to do good for God as much as possible. I don't understand why people become nuns or monks, can you help me understand this? I mean surely you're supposed to have kids so that you can be an example to others in your country? Or surely you're meant to be a priest to help the church as there are a declining number of priests in the UK? :)

So maybe I'm just called to be a priest or husband? I dunno... crazy! I was in church today and I think that I'm pretty crazy so I don't think that I'd be a good priest... I mean that I'm not thinking what normal people think in society because I am a tough guy so I think that people should just be good and cut out the rubbish... I would do whatever God wants me to do and I don't know why people have problems with The Catholic Church and all of the rules and it's difficult as not everyone is logical and understands what the church teaches - it's all very rational :)

I was sat in church today and surrounded by women (old and married) and I felt that I'd be better off being a nice husband to one of them (obviously not them but a Catholic woman in general). I enjoy being a good man for my girlfriend so maybe I should just stick with her? I think that she's fun and very nice - she'd be a wonderful Catholic mother :) Or am I supposed to look into this in more detail? I don't know. I don't know what I'd learn from going to talk to other people in the same boat as me who have no idea what God wants me to do.

So my questions for you are:
- How do we know what He wants? I guess that we will never know 100% until we die unless He speaks to us with His voice.
- Why would God want us to become a monk or nun? I've never understood that. I study business, economics and accounts so I don't think that it's a good idea to become a monk if we are need of priests... I dunno... It just seems so crazy... I can understand nuns if there are many Catholic men about so it makes sense for the women to be nuns? :shrug: I guess that vocations don't work like economics? If God wants me to become a monk then I'd be up for it...... maybe the world is better off that way. I dunno...

I was looking at this in an economics way... I am trying to make a Catholic woman happy because I tried to do good with my life by being a good man when I was a non-Catholic as I could make a woman happy - I heard that a lot of guys are not so cool so I could be a good guy for one fo these women... I dunno LOL I haven't grown up thinking about what God wants me to do... I've been very much focused on the material world and having fun... I would have a cool family with my girlfriend :D but maybe I should not do that? Or do that and bring up children who would have a chance to grow and listen to God from a young age? I mean I'm 24 years-old and a late starter with my studies as I've only just finished my bachelors and I have work experience in accounts. I also plan to study for 4 more years with post-graduate studies and management accounting, but is that all wrong? :D Crazy......... I think that The Catholic Church needs to be more pro-active in promoting information about vocations - possibly around confirmation time? :)

God bless,


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