Vocational director not responding to emails. What should I do?


My last personal meeting with my Vocational director was about a month ago, and I have been sending him emails since. His last response to my emails was a week after that meeting. But he has not responded ever since. Should I keep following up on my emails, or should I just stop?


He could be on vacation. Patience is a virtue.


Do you have any other way of contacting him? A phone call? A personal visit? A call to his office or church if he has one? You could try a different method.

On the other hand, as the other respondent noted, he may just be away on vacation or not contacting you right now for some other good reason.

You can either wait and pray a bit longer, or you can try another method of getting hold of him.


You’ve likely done this, but go back and re-read his last response. Is it possible there was an indication of what’s next? You might simply try to make another appointment. Send two or three possible dates for him to consider and then wait. Good Luck with your discernment



The posters above have given some good advice. A phone call sounds like a good way to follow-up, and going back to his last e-mail and reading it thoroughly to see if there are any further instructions.

Here are also three things to consider:

  1. Patience - Vocation directors are busy, and part of their ministry sometimes involves out-of-town visitations. It is definitely not an office job. In my own discernment process years ago, it took me about four days for the vocation recruiter from the U.S. Navy Chaplain Corps to call me back.

  2. Changes - Around this time of the year (July 1), many diocesan priests get new assignments. You may want to check with your diocese (maybe they have a newsletter or go to their staff directory online) and see if a new vocation director has been appointed. This is not uncommon.

  3. Ministry - Some dioceses do not have a priest assigned to be the vocation director full-time. In these cases, the vocation director is also assigned to a parish with duties as a parish priest, or he may be assigned to another office within the diocese. This ties in with patience, since the vocation director may be wearing many hats. If that is the case in your diocese, he may just haven’t had the time to contact you.

Hope this helps, and good luck with your discernment.


Keep in mind, priests are very busy men, especially if they have the added responsibility of being the diocesan vocation director. It may be a while before he has the time to respond. Just keep patient.


Very strange. But I know from experience that vocation offices are often in disaray, which is hard to understand given the need for priests. One would think that these offices would be on top of everything and not let a prosect slip away through neglect. Go figure!

I would make a call definitely. And if that doesn’t work go to the office.



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