Vocations for husband and wife team


I am a reverting Catholic, hopefully bringing my husband along with me. At our last stop in the protestant world we were Lutherans, intending to begin their deacon/deaconess program to help with missions. We are bilingual, with a heart to reach the lost who do not know Christ. I know about the Legion of Mary, would that be a vocation that we could both be involved in? What other vocations are there for married people?


A great vocation for married couples is assisting non-married couples preparing for Catholic marriage. Another great vocation for married couples is assisting in RCIA instruction as a team. Just a few ideas. :slight_smile:


There are usually many ministries availbable in parishes and dioceses throughout the country. Some parishes and dioceses have more than others. One huge one would be Marriage Encounter and/or Engaged Encounter lead couples. You could both be Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist. You could be a marriage preparation couple or an NFP training couple. However, the best people to talk about the ministries available in your parish or diocese would be the people in your parish’s office. They will tell you who the lead person would be to contact regarding any of these ministries, and whether the ministry is at the diocese level or the parish level.

In addition, if your husband is so inclined (depending on his age), after you guys have been active in your parish for a while, he could apply for the permanent diaconate (though, it doesn’t mean he would be accepted - I applied earlier this year and was turned down; too many good applicants).


My husband and I help do small group discussions at marriage prep weekends and we find it very rewarding. We also are starting the process of becoming a CCL teaching couple for NFP. Those are some things you guys could look into if he’s not quite ready to become a deacon.


How wonderful! Welcome!. My husband and I serve as Lectors/Extraodinary Ministers of
Holy Communion together. You could also see if there is a chapter of Saint Paul Street
Evangelization near you.

You might some day feel a calling to join a Third Order. Your husband could join you in that.

The Legion of Mary is a very worthwhile cause.

God bless you.


None near here, but definitely needed!
Thank you for this information!


Hi, thank you for answering my post. I would like to join an SPSE but there is not one near me. I live in a very heavily populated Catholic area but I don’t feel like being the one to start the chapter. Shyness.

Anyway, best wishes for finding a ministry. Happy Thanksgiving.


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