Vocations In Life?

Is it morally wrong if someone wants to remain single for the rest of their life without becoming a priest or joining a religious order?

I asked a priest in the apologetics section of this forum, if it was a sin to be single and not be married or a member of a religious order.

He said it was not.

Indeed there is nothing morally wrong in remaining single without joining a religious order or the priesthood. There are, though, other opportunities to enrich single life beyond these two choices…the permanent diaconate, the secular orders, and a myriad of other opportunities.

May God show you, at each step, where and in what ways you can best know Him, love Him, and serve Him in this life so that you maybe happy with Him forever in the life to come.

I’m 60 and single so far. My calling: Christian layman.

When properly lived, it can be a very holy state of life.

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