Vocations in Montreal Anglophone Sector

Hey everyone. I have a query:

I’m currently transitioning out of the early stages of formation in a Religious community that didn’t turn out to be the “fit” I hoped it would be (no animosity on either side). I was born, baptised in Montreal and have been considering moving back to serve the archdiocese.

Does anyone have any sense (either from living there or from friends/family) how the diocese “works” in terms of an english/french sector? Is there really a divide in those terms or do anglo and french seminarians attend the same seminary, get the same assignments upon ordination, etc…?

Any impressions of the archdiocese in terms of its structure, particularly in regard to the question of english/french vocations would be much appreciated. I contacted the vocation director a couple weeks ago and haven’t heard back as yet. Either way, extra info would be appreciated.

My brother is a deacon there. If you are serious pm me and I’ll give you his number to talk to him.

I live in Montreal, my impression being still somewhat new to the denomination is that it is the same although the Anglophone population tends to be a minority, there are some great programs out there if you know where to look. The religious communities tend to be mostly french based but I’ve also met many religious who do speak some English. If you live in Quebec, it is better to speak both languages in terms of finding a job and globally, two languages are always better than one.

Message me regarding what you are looking for and I’ll do my best to connect you to some people here. More details you provide the better I’ll be able to help. Despite being new, I’m very resourceful. I know the person in charge of vocations in terms of the priesthood and he’s really caring and easy to talk to.

Let me know if I can help you. Quebec desperately needs people who are willing to serve the Lord here. The religious orders are rapidly decreasing and it’s such a shame considering how vibrant the church used to be. Quebec needs God, therefore please consider coming home.

I never got a pm.:wink:

It’s up to LBessette to contact us. Montreal is a great place for vocations. The city has a lot to offer and I think that people shouldn’t let the language factor detour them from considering it. It’s a beautiful multi-cultural city. The parishes are divided by language therefore there are English parishes in the city. Most anglophones speak at least some french but there are language courses (some free ones) for those who immigrate from other countries as well. French isn’t that difficult to learn especially considering it is very possible to submerge one’s self into the language if they desire. I love it here.

You are right: there’s lots of opportunities pour les Anglais: My brother is an English speaking deacon in an Anglo parish, with a large minority of non-European Catholics in it.

SecretGarden and triumphguy,

Thanks very much for your responses! I appreciate it. And sorry I couldn’t reply sooner as internet privileges are relatively limited in the novitiate.

It sounds like Montreal might indeed make some sense for me so I’m thankful for your insights and your willingness to help. I’ve still got some transitioning work to do but I’ll continue discerning where God is calling me over the coming weeks. Will more than likely meet with the vocations director in the spring, but for now just need to take it one step at a time.

One reason I was interested in the francophone/anglophone dynamic in the archdiocese is my own family’s roots in the city (Irish) and the concern of losing the future of that Catholic heritage through secularization–or at least areligious sentiment–and the complications of belonging to a linguistic minority. Having said that, I realize the church as a whole still needs priests and the Montreal archdiocese is evidently no different. Being bilingual (living where I am in the US right now hasn’t put 12 years of french immersion to much good use) also may allow me to be of broader service to the community.

Thanks again.

If you need contacts please feel free to contact us. I know a great parish that has Irish roots too. Keep discerning and while you discern, please try to visit. You never know until you visit your old home.

Montreal is a awesome place to visit.

Have you looked at any seminaries for information up there?

Grand Seminary of Montreal

I used to live by Montreal myself and have the same concern for their Catholic heritage as you!

Maybe God will call us both back to Montreal to serve Him some way or another up there! :thumbsup:

(Montréal, Je me souviens!)

Like I said pm me and I’ll give you my brothers phone number.

Thanks triumphguy, but I was just casually trying to get a few impressions from the forums for now. Couldn’t really say that I am “serious” yet because I literally just left the novitiate this week. Just exploring the possibility a bit. I’ll post if I end up feeling called to look futher into serving the diocese.


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