Vocations in the Eastern Churches

Is there a Priest shortage in the Eastern Catholic Churches as per the Roman Catholic Church (assuming there is a Priest shortage in the Latin Rite)?

This question comes up every so often, and the only answer can be “it depends”.

Everything is relative, and there are more than twenty different Sui Iuris particular churches, so there is no easy answer that will cover all of them.

One could say, for example, that the Syro-Malabar church has an excess, but if that church was allowed to establish it’s own dioceses and missions around the world they would need all of those men and might even think of the situation as a shortage. How many communities do they wish to serve? It might look different to them if they were trying to convert the interior tribes of Borneo, the Brazilian rainforest or the Andaman Islands.

Even within the Latin church, there is a great difference in numbers of priests by country, and the whole idea of a shortage can be a subjective judgment. The USA, for example, is better situated than most countries, although American Latin Catholics are now beginning to feel a pinch, they are not really dealing with the kind of sacrifices many of the very largest traditionally Latin Catholic countries have been dealing with.

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