Hello I am just doing some searching out of curiosity and saw that my diocese website (Sacramento) said there was a community Of sisters of the holy rosary of Fatima but they don’t have an official website. I just wanted to see if anybody could think of a way to get more info on them without contacting the diocese vocation office or them directly because I am not serious enough about this right now to actually talk to anybody about it besides my parents.


Maybe check a Catholic Bookstore? Really not sure! but in any case, if it’s any comfort, if you did contact the vocations office, the vocation director is super not pushy! haha, maybe next time I see him, I can look to see around the office for any pamphlet on them for you :stuck_out_tongue:

How close are they to you?

Realizing the want of keeping the matter only known to a select a few is normal at first, I & most going thru discernment can relate.

Now with no official website & not wanting to contact the sisters or the Diocese about the SUBJECT OF “religious life” as of yet. That dose not rule out all contact of either place.

  1. You can contact the Archdiocese Religious Vicar by mail or email, there should be a link on your local Diocese website! If you do not bring up the subject of an actual thought or curiosity of entering religious life, NEITHER WILL HE. Entering religious life is first handled by the local parish & Priest & then the vocations office, so he will not be concerned about that unless you make an interest known.
    You can ask of the Religious Vicar such questions as is the Community Of Sisters of the Holy Rosary of Fatima (make sure use appropriate caps as is on the diocese site) strictly cloistered or are they opened to public visitors & do they hold retreats. This simple question alone should get info such as what order they belong to, if they hold retreats, are they open to public & what way, i.e., gift shop, masses, etc., as well as general contact info. You can always ask more general questions to the Vicar. The Religious Vicar of a Diocese is, from what i understand, basically a diocese liaison to the religious orders, though i am sure that there is a ton more involved in his job. That’s one route.
  2. you can do very much the same thing write the Sisters. Ask if the have an “industry” open to the public such as a green house, bakery, gift shop, if they hold Masses open to the public, etc. Be careful in your questions though, the sisters spend their time with the Lord & can often discern things of a spiritual nature quickly.
  3. You and your parents could always take a ride to see if the communities gates are open during the day if so there will most likely be some sort of parking & signs directing visitors where to go, if the gates are closed & its not a Holy Day or holiday or Sunday, they may indeed be strictly cloistered.
  4. You can also ask around at your parish to see if anyone knew anything. If it is close their is a chance your Priest will know some info on them & you could always ask him if they had a gift shop or the like, that is open to the public.

Good luck & may God Bless you :signofcross:

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