is there vocations after 50yrs old

I have not heard of any age restrictions on vocations.

Most Orders have age restrictions. I do know of a man who became a Diocesan Priest in his 60s after his wife had passed.

Yes,but not many orders/communities take canidates past 40-45. You did not indicate if you were F or M

Look at Mature Vocations or Religious Life for Older women.

i hope I got the last one right.

Also, find Mother Marium Moss in a search box.

Hi there! Most orders DO have age restrictions…

If you go to your local priest or vocations director, he will be able to guide you to orders that accept people over 50. I’m joining the Hawthorne Dominican Sisters, and we accept women who are at LEAST 50, and I think it’s just an individual basis for women who are older than that. Meaning, they’re not going to turn you away from discerning with them just because of your age. Good luck and God be with you!!

I wasn’t assuming this was a religious vocation question…

No “order” will take you if you are over 35ys and older. I had tryed to get in to one for 3yrs and not a one of the 25 orders would take me and I just wanted to be a brother and No way a priest. We are to set in our ways is the answer I got from all.:confused::crossrc:

I would take that as a very obvious sign from God that you are not called to the religious life?

No, you are wrought because God never stops calling you only because of your age. That is Man rule Not Gods! How do I know because there are 100’s of men and women asking the same question. Why can’t they serve God if they are called? Now, New orders are being made just for the older vocations. I know of one that was made for women in their 60’s that Were Called By GOD and will take younger ones in there 50’s… it is a Franciscan convent. Now the Lord has made Me make one for the 40yrs and older that MAN said was Too Old to Serve our Lord. You must have read about all this already. The lord has blessed me with so much because I have been obedient, with what he has asked of me. Yes it would be much easier to just give up and crawl in a hole and do nothing but I know I was called and nothing will stop me from serving our Lord. We even have a new habit that the Lord gave us. So again you are asked to join us if you feel You are too, called, never give up. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, Br Emile DMB:highprayer::signofcross:

The answer is YES you may come and serve our Lord as a :

Divine Mercy Brothers of Our Lady of Guadalupe DMB
For all men that were called by God but
men said you were too old,
may come and serve our Lord as Divine Mercy Brothers
We hope to become diocesan hermits for a bishop (Austin Tx)
and take vows with him and our charism will be the
Divine Mercy chaplet for souls, sick, dying and purgatory
We will be semi- cloistered, going out only for mass,
Eucharist adoration, praying for sick, food, and laundry
Any questions write to
divinemercybrsfo@yahoo.com Facebook; divine mercy brothers
blog; dmbsfo.blogspot,com

For individuals of any age, who wish to serve God and mankind through prayer, penance and sacrifice, why do we not form our own group and form lasting friendships that are real? Why do we not make this a collective endeavor?

Most contemplative Convents are unable to sustain themselves financially. We are in a secular and global financial and spiritual disaster.

I believe that we must look for alternatives. It is up to us. I would like to make sure that when I say “alternatives” is within the established obedience to the teachings and dogmas of Holy Mother Church and the Holy See.

After a few years during the 21st century, of religious formation during my tenure as a student at a Catholic university, I Espoused the Lord through the witness and signature of my vows of my parish Pastor Priest, Roman Catholic.

Feel free to come and hang out with us: cloisters.tripod.com/


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