So myself and some friends just got back from camp. A lot of us are seeing God more clearly and wanting to serve Him the way He wants us to. I have talked to all the girls and we are all basically trying to discern where God wants us. My question is, if one of us were to be called to the religious life, how exactly would we know?


Was this a camp run by an order/convent for young women discerning a vocation? If so, perhaps this is a question for the director of the camp/convent. If not, why not contact a particular convent and ask this question.


No, it was a lifeteen camp. So it was boys and girls and there weren’t any nuns.


Three quite basic signs of any vocation:

Attraction to the life
Ability to lead the life (includes health and motivation)
Acceptance into the life
*]With religious life, this is final vows or final profession
*]With marriage, the actual marriage,
*]With priesthood, Ordination
*]with private vows or the single celibate state (with or without the vows) and as one’s chosen life vocation. To my way of thinking acceptance comes about through consulting a spiritual director with affirmation that one has this vocation - after that, a journey of some years in the vocation affirms God’s Graces are indeed present.

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